Your Weekly Love Horoscope for The Week of July 04, 2022

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Your Weekly Love Horoscope for The Week of July 04, 2022. Discover your Weekly Love Horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


Put romance on the shelf on Monday; you've got plenty of other stuff to do, and the stars say less is more now. Then, more is more around Tuesday and Wednesday -- singles should put themselves out there, while those in relationships should definitely follow a romantic impulse. At the end of the workweek, it may well be work that's first and foremost in your mind (not that exciting, but sometimes necessary). Get it done so you can play this weekend, when plenty of lighthearted energy's available. Think flirty!


Whether a friend's confiding in you about their love life or you're sharing a sweet little secret of your own, Monday's all about a tete-a-tete. Around Tuesday and Wednesday, singletons find revisiting the online personals or their social networking site fruitful -- spruce up that profile! Those in relationships, though, may want to take it slow. The end of the workweek looks rather hot; the weather outside may be frightful, but you're extra delightful. Enjoy yourself! This weekend, planning your love life in the long-term may be fun, but it's also pretty unrealistic. Be ready for whatever comes.


You'd be wise to concentrate on work on Monday; save the sweet little IMs and online flirtation 'til after-hours. Let a trusted, emotionally intelligent friend in on a certain hope around Tuesday and Wednesday, and listen to their opinion on it (even -- or especially -- if it's hard to hear). Then show a certain someone that you're capable of zeroing in on them at the end of the workweek; they'll feel very special getting more than your usual short attention span. And this weekend? Wow -- you're hot stuff, and everybody knows it.


Your energy's great but your attention's a little scattered on Monday. Don't miss a romantic signal because your head's in the clouds. Then, around Tuesday and Wednesday, rather than fret about your love life or risk a fight with a certain someone, try some solo time -- a movie, a long walk, a nice dinner out by yourself. Get centered. You'll want to be in fine form for the end of the workweek, when fun and flirtation make themselves available for you (be available for them!). This weekend, don't get distracted by a peripheral issue; there's a real matter of the heart at stake.


On Monday, it's the combination of smarts and feelings that make for good romantic choices, rather than letting one or the other prevail. Step back and see what you're missing. A great date or fun with friends around Tuesday and Wednesday involves learning -- yes, with you along, it can definitely be hot. Take a cooking class, go to a lecture, or warm up the brain with a documentary or two. Duty calls at the end of the workweek. Take care of responsibilities, because this weekend's got opportunities galore, including some lovely romantic ones.

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If you've got big expectations vis-a-vis romance on Monday, you're liable to be disappointed, and around Tuesday and Wednesday, work or money issues likely occupy your mind. The end of the workweek changes the emphasis, though, to the life of the heart and mind. A deep philosophical discussion helps evolve your outlook -- and if it's with a certain someone, it helps solidify a connection too. A great date now doesn't have to be extravagant -- just anything out of the ordinary. This weekend, even your attention to detail could slip up; make sure it's not with regard to something love related.


You'll have better luck offering a friend some romantic advice on Monday than you will with your own affairs of the heart -- sometimes it's just that way. Then, around Tuesday and Wednesday, expect extremes, especially surrounding relationships (or feelings about them). It's up, it's down, it's rarely in the middle where you'd probably prefer it to be. Wait for the end of the workweek, when you can make sense of things and take advantage of sweet energy from the stars. And this weekend, sharing is favored (and, as they say, sharing is caring!). What would you like to share -- and with whom?


The mysteries of love are no match for your insightful intelligence on Monday. You can uncover something amazing now. Those who're coupled up should do their best to avoid a fight around Tuesday and Wednesday, as it could get down and dirty. Both singles and those in relationships who play Cupid, meanwhile, accrue some terrific love karma. The end of the workweek just might bring some romantic excitement, but when reacting to it, remember that haste makes waste. Take your own sweet time. And this weekend, little things mean a lot. Watch for a telltale sign.


Locating matching socks may be enough of a challenge on Monday, much less handling any matters of the heart. Just you wait, though; Tuesday and Wednesday turn your personal heat up to 11, and your attraction level's off the charts. Your amped-up creative powers also mean you can put together an unforgettable date or night out with friends. Aren't you the all-star! If love takes a back seat at the end of the workweek, well, you probably need some downtime anyway. This weekend looks busy with all sorts of things, some sweet stuff included, so rest up.


You've got a way with the written word on Monday, so send some messages on a social networking or personals site (and freshen up your profile while you're at it!). If you're coupled up, pen a love note (handwritten means a lot). Career likely comes first around Tuesday and Wednesday; take care of business so the decks are clear for a romantically oriented end of the workweek. It'd be a pity to be working late when Thursday and Friday are so promising (and you're so hot!). This weekend, when it comes to love-related communication, less is more.


You're rather distracted on Monday, so if you're making a romantic phone call or IMing with a certain someone, you might not appear as interested as you truly are. Then around Tuesday and Wednesday, locating a pattern in your love life helps you determine how to proceed. Seek and you will find! The energy's strange at the end of the workweek, but luckily you're comfortable with the oddity. Embrace it and see what happens. Your personal forecast for the weekend? Hot. Those in relationships, bask in your sweetie's affection; singles, prepare to mingle!


Test new waters in the realm of romance on Monday. If you're single, check out a new online site or real-world spot; if you're coupled up, share something with your sweetie that'll surprise 'em. Love's got a puzzle for you around Tuesday and Wednesday, and fitting the pieces into place may require a little assistance (which could also make the process more fun). Thursday through Saturday are excellent for learning more about your sweetie (or someone you want to be your sweetie!), so make time to listen well to what they're saying. Take a load off on Sunday and relax together.

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