Your Weekly Work Horoscope for The Week of November 28, 2022

Your Weekly Work Horoscope for The Week of November 28, 2022. Discover your Weekly Work Horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


Monday is taken up with conceptual planning of some kind, but if you're in charge, it will be productive and enlightening. Midweek, you need to lie low. It won't be easy, but your best course of action is inaction until Thursday. At that time, you'll feel a sudden surge of energy and know exactly what you need to do to move forward as quickly as possible. You might experience a renewed sense of pride in your work. The weekend will go slowly, so you're better off relaxing.


Someone you thought you knew well rubs you the wrong way on Monday, but there's little you can do about it. It shouldn't happen again soon. Think big picture midweek. Try to work on marketing, customer service, or some other issue that encompasses psychology and the masses. Look for and exploit commonalities. Slow down on Thursday and Friday, and make certain that you're getting the best value before making any purchases or investments. The good times really get started for you on Sunday, so take time out to enjoy them thoroughly.


Monday brings an opportunity from relatively far away, possibly involving foreign investment. It might be time to rethink how you do business. The next couple of days after that see lots of activity, probably too much to keep track of in real time. Try to prioritize and just attend to the matters that directly impact your career goals. Thursday and Friday are all about communication, especially within your immediate work group. Make sure everyone is speaking the same language. The weekend could bring obstacles, so don't rely on smooth progress until next Monday at the earliest.


Flexibility is key on Monday, as other people's styles will be in ascendance. Try to modulate your emotional responses and think before acting. A wave of positive energy might overwhelm you briefly on Tuesday, but you'll soon find that you're able to communicate much more effectively with people you've had difficulties with in the past. Your mind stays sharp through the end of the week, sharp enough to skewer a boss's ego if you're not careful. That witty remark might cost you a few points, so watch it.


You could start the week embroiled in a small-scale conflict that can only be resolved by someone letting go of something that will turn out to be fairly inconsequential. If it's you, you'll score more points. Be wary of financial deals midweek. You might be tempted to just sign without reading thoroughly, and that will come back to bite you. New information comes in toward the end of the week that brightens prospects for expansion or other direct action. The weekend sees your reputation grow without any effort on your part.

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New information comes your way Monday that could change the way you see your business. Act on it quickly to get ahead. Despite the confusion that reigns midweek, you'll be able to triumph by adjusting your work flow to meet ever-changing demands. Try not to lash out at difficult co-workers. They'll cause minor problems through the end of the week, but there's little you can do but clean up afterward. By Friday, you'll feel a sense of renewal and might eagerly work through the weekend if you need to.


The first day of the week will be more engaging than usual, and your intuitive understanding of people's needs will help you in customer service and negotiations. Try not to start anything new on Tuesday or Wednesday, because the projects you're working on could expand beyond the time you'd budgeted for them. Any bad blood between you and clients or co-workers will turn out to be projected feelings by the end of the week, so try to step lightly. The weekend will be relaxing, even if you have to take care of some drudge work.


Watch out for sudden outbursts on Monday. They could come from anywhere. It could be that you learn something from the exchange. You'll be the expert when it comes to wooing customers or investors midweek, and just about any relationship will operate by your rules for the time being. New projects started on Thursday and Friday will likely come in on time and under budget, especially if they're broad-based initiatives. You might be contacted over the weekend by a current or former co-worker who needs your help.


Your grasp of the news or latest trends will impress the right people on Monday, so be sure to talk up whatever's hot. The next couple of days will be slow going for you as tiny obstacles add up to wreak havoc on your daily scheduling. Creative work will go well for you later in the week, and your leadership skills will be in high demand. Your role as visionary will be well received. Make sure to stay on top of everything over the weekend. Your oversight could make the difference between success and failure.


You might have to change plans on Monday as circumstances conspire to trip them up. Communication will be very important midweek, and your creative side will demand expression. Reach out to people you don't speak with regularly and check in. Family obligations might keep you away from important business on Thursday or Friday. Try to balance all the sides of your life, but know that not everyone will be perfectly happy with the outcome. The weekend will be relaxing, and you should be able to mend any fences that need it.


You'll be the star of the workplace on Monday, and you should definitely try to work on your most ambitious projects before all others. Be wary of any new spending requests midweek. Though you'll be tempted to give in without thinking them through, they each deserve some lengthy inspection. You'll do some of your best thinking on Thursday and Friday, and you might hit on that brilliant new strategy you've been hoping would come along. Work could be weird over the weekend. It might involve old co-workers coming back for help.


Keep your mind on the future early this week. You'll have work in front of you, but if you can jump the gun a little, you'll have a huge advantage. Tuesday and Wednesday will be transformative. You might see a change in responsibilities or pay or be recruited by a competitor. Don't worry about sorting out any details until the weekend, because any troubling conundrums will stay unsolved for several days at least. Sunday is a good time to polish up your resume or online profile.

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