The Sky Today, May 17, 2022

·1 min read

At 8:31 a.m.: The moon is trine Venus

In the morning, the Sagittarius moon trines Venus in Aries. Under this influence, we anticipate the best in our love affairs, showing rather than telling our feelings. This combination encourages taking action in matters of the heart. It can be a great time to ask someone out on a date or plan an adventure with a current partner. This is an equally good aspect for entertaining, planning a party, or for using our popularity to communicate a mission statement. People genuinely enjoy being around us, which makes them excited to support our causes.

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At 8:59 p.m.: The moon is sextile Saturn, and the moon void of course begins

After nightfall, the moon sextiles Saturn in Aquarius, making us open-minded. We consider how best to tackle new situations, adopting a well thought-out and disciplined approach. This auspicious aspect combines the idealism of the Sagittarius moon with the commitment of Saturn. We are willing to think outside the box to legitimize ourselves in work or family affairs, and we might have to break a few rules to get where we need to go. The moon then falls into a void period lasting until tomorrow morning, suggesting that we formulate a game plan before attempting to take further action.

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