The Sky Today, December 3, 2021

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At 7:14 a.m.: The sun is inconjunct Uranus

In the morning, the Sagittarius sun forms a quincunx to Uranus in Taurus, causing us to feel anxious. Tensions are mounting as we head towards tonight’s solar eclipse, and irritability is par for the course. We recognize that we are at the mercy of circumstance, derailed from the illusion of a predictable future. Subsequently, we fluctuate between craving excitement and dreading it, unable to foresee what may come from stepping off the beaten path. In so many ways, flowing with change is our only option now. We approach a fork in the road without a map to substantiate our choices.

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At 11:43 p.m.: The moon is conjunct the sun

Tonight’s Sagittarius solar eclipse culminates an eclipse series that began on June 5, 2020. Over the past year and a half, our evolution has depended on reconciling the shadow of moral superiority and intellectual stagnancy. Through interrogating our belief systems, we have embraced curiosity over blind faith. Today, we receive a final jolt to our system in this respect. Important events and dialogues remind us of our past so we can consider our future, however, not all of these interactions will be pleasant. The risk lies in interpreting these challenges as some kind of punishment or karmic retribution for failing to have strong convictions. Yet what is truly being illustrated is the understanding that we do not have all the answers, and we are allowed to change our minds when presented with new evidence. An alignment with Mercury encourages conversations, even arguments, for the sake of ultimate enlightenment. A sextile to Saturn asks us who benefits from our beliefs. Do our philosophies take into consideration those within our communities? Are we setting ourselves up for success in our affirmations? Meanwhile, a trine to Chiron fosters healing by reminding us that our identities are malleable. We are in a perpetual act of meaning-making as we explore the world, but that does not mean that we can’t rediscover concepts anew, and rediscover ourselves in the process.

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