This singer took her recording studio and her family on the road

Asha Mae's RV home lets her make music anywhere

Video Transcript

- Hello, I'm Asha Mae. This is my husband--

- Kemar.

- And my son--

- Kyle.

- And this is our home.


One of the wonderful things about this lifestyle is that you can pretty much change your backyard whenever you want to. We decided we want this to be our backyard today. This is the American dream for us.

- Yes.

- I don't want to plug myself here, but I have a song called "RV Freedom." And I say, "I ain't got no time to be American dreamin'. I tried it for a little while, all stressed out, felt like screaming." We're not stressed out in this lifestyle.

- No, we're not, we're not.

- We're really not. Our RV now is less than 240 square feet. We came from a house that was 1,600 square feet. The way we make the space work for the both of us--

- For both of us?

- --is that I just use most of it.


- There's no other way, you know. You have to really be flexible. That's one thing. You're going to hate this lifestyle-- anybody who embarks upon this lifestyle will absolutely hate it if they're not flexible. You got to have the temperament for it.

This is the inside of our home. Not a whole lot of room, but we definitely make it work. This is Kyle's room. Those black storage bins in the back, that's his dresser. Each container has shirts or shorts. Can you show them how you get a little bit of privacy?

- Oh, yeah, just swing this thing along. If you want to be private, you could just be over here, maybe be on a couple of video games just.

- We use this area for work, for homeschool, recording, Zoom and Skype meetings. And it's so funny because when we were in a house, we had this huge space that we did all these different things--

- And never really used it.

- Right. We didn't use it. This is our tiny kitchen. You'd be surprised how much magic you can work in here.

- Yeah.

- Under here is actually a stove. We purchased this stovetop thing, so that way it would double as additional counter space. Because as you can see, there's absolutely no counter space here. So this is our kitchen counter, and the table is also our kitchen counter. So when we need to cut things up, you know, you just-- once again, you find the room to do what you need to do. This is our refrigerator. It is tiny, though. If you're living this lifestyle, just get rid of your Costco membership, your BJ's membership. You don't need it--

- Don't need it.

- --because there is no room. Now we only really buy what we need. So this is our shower. And as you can see, it's really tiny. So showers consist of just a 360.

- You're just basically, like, just doing a spin.

- Yeah, do the-- do the spin. That's literally the spin that you--

- This is going to be the new RV dance right here.

- Welcome to the master bedroom.

- Welcome, guys. Look how big it is in here.

- It works, you know? It's hard to change the sheets. Very difficult. You got to climb up there. That's his closet. [LAUGHS]

- Yeah.

- That's his closet.

- That's the only closet.

- And then these are my closets. And that's it. It's doable. It really is. I don't desire a larger bedroom. And if I had to say one final thing to you all, it is live life today. Do not put it off. There's no better time than right now.