Shoppers Love This Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat for All Their Home Cooking and It's Finally Back in Stock

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If you're the primary chef in your household, or if you spend extended periods of time standing while washing and putting away dishes, you might benefit from an anti-fatigue mat. These cushioned floor mats provide ergonomic support while you're on your feet. They can be used anywhere in your house that you might stand for long periods of time, whether that's your kitchen, laundry room, office, or even your garage.

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To add comfort to your daily dish-washing, try the Better Homes & Gardens Anti-Fatigue Ultimate Comfort Kitchen Mat. Available in three stylish patterns (Carrara marble, gray weathered wood, and beige granite), this anti-fatigue mat is "like walking on a cloud," according to rave reviews from Walmart shoppers. One customer gives it a 5-star rating, writing that it's "perfect for achy feet."

The anti-fatigue mat has beveled edges and non-slip backing, so it will stay in place wherever it's needed. One shopper boasts that it's "the most comfortable mat that I've ever owned." It's also easy to clean: just wipe it clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent, then let it air dry.

According to Dr. Allen Conrad, a chiropractor at the Montgomery County Chiropractic Center, standing on a cushioned mat can also help improve circulation and posture. "When you stand for long periods of time in one place, blood will tend to pool in the lower extremities due to lack of motion. Anti-fatigue mats encourage slight motions as you stand on the cushioned surface, which increases overall blood circulation," he says.

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Buy It: Better Homes & Gardens Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat ($18, Walmart)

Anti-fatigue mats also combat joint and muscle pain. "Prolonged standing can increase the pressure on your spine, which can cause many aches and pains," Dr. Conrad says. "Similar to wearing a comfortable shoe, an anti-fatigue mat will reduce the amount of impact your body withstands from gravity and help you perform your daily tasks with less pain and suffering."

The 32" x 20" mat easily fits in front of the sink or stove—wherever you spend the most time in the kitchen. It's padded with 1 inch of foam, so it provides plenty of cushion. One reviewer, who suffers from bad knees, writes that they "have less foot and knee pain" when using this mat. Another reviewer who has arthritis raves that their "back hasn't been aching near as bad" when standing on this mat.

Whether you simply want more comfort or you need help improving circulation and posture, the Better Homes & Gardens Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat is the solution you've been looking for. Grab the affordable and stylish cushioned mat for only $18 at Walmart.