Pregnant Rescue Dog Gets Maternity Photo Shoot

Pregnant Rescue Dog Gets Maternity Photo Shoot
Pregnant Rescue Dog Gets Maternity Photo Shoot

(Picture Credit: Wild Fyre Co)

After being abused and left in a cage, one heavily pregnant Staffordshire Bull Terrier got a real treat with a maternity photo shoot. And it’s clear to see just how happy it made her.

Valentine’s Second Chance Animal Rescue might be at full capacity, but director Brie Willis just couldn’t turn away this pregnant dog who needed somewhere to stay. Previous dog parents locked Adira in a cage covered in her own filth. Meanwhile, she was carrying a litter of ten puppies. 

A Happier Ending

Sadly, around 3.1 million dogs move to shelters each year in the US. Of these, dog parents adopt around two million of them. But then there are the 390,000 who are euthanized each year. 

Fortunately, Adira was lucky. Brie couldn’t let that happen to her, and spoke about the pup to Newsweek

Although we had an intake freeze for the shelter, when we saw a post about this sweet girl being locked in a cage and covered in her own filth, we knew we had to act straight away,” she explained.

“Immediately upon meeting her, I knew she was going to be one of the most gentle and loving girls we had ever met. She is the epitome of sweet and gentle. After all she went through, to still be this kind and loving simply amazed us.”

Making the Maternity Photo Shoot

Brie took Adira to the vet, where they confirmed that she was carrying a litter of ten pups. Therefore, as Brie believes that Adira was forced to carry multiple litters to breed puppies, she wanted to do something special for her. 

“We wanted the world to see what we saw in this amazing girl,” she said. She explained that humans had repeatedly failed her, which “absolutely broke our hearts”.

“Even after all the pain she had endured, and being forced to have multiple litters, we wanted to celebrate her final litter,” she continued.

So, Adira got her day in the spotlight for all the right reasons, with photos taken by Wild Fyre Co. And, she of course enjoyed plenty of treats too. 

“We were there for about 45 minutes. And, she got as many belly rubs, kisses and treats that a girl could dream of,” she said.

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