Here Are 15 Of The Most Overrated And Underrated Cocktails According To Reddit Users Who Have Ordered Them

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When it comes to happy hour, every person has their go-to beverage that they can't pass up on the menu.

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Reddit user u/-Constantinos- asked fellow drink enthusiasts: "What is the most overrated and underrated cocktail in your opinion?"

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Here are some of the most memorable overrated and underrated cocktails from the thread. Take a look to see if you agree:

1.Overrated: Negroni


"I just don't see the hype personally."


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2.Underrated: Sangria


"Commonly seen as just wine and juice. If you add in a liqueur of some kind or brandy/cognac, it can really be something special."


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3.Overrated: Aperol Spritz

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"Not bad for summer evenings, but there are so many better options with prosecco."


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4.Underrated: Daiquiri


"Simple, always refreshing and yet overlooked."


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5.Overrated: Dry martini


"Enjoy your chilled vodka, because you know they ain't ordering a gin one."


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6.Underrated: Margarita


"As a well-executed cocktail rather than the artificial and overly sweet swill with sub-par gold tequila many people associate with that drink."


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7.Overrated: Mai Tai

Mai tai

"I've only been one place that balanced this correctly because the typical recipes are flawed."


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8.Underrated: Three Dots and a Dash

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"Yes, it's, like, 10 ingredients, but it literally made me say "wow!" out loud the first time I made one."


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9.Overrated: Manhattan

Manhattan cocktail

"Yeah, it's a good cocktail, but honestly, its popularity far outweighs the merits of the drink itself."


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10.Underrated: Mr. Bali Hai

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"The combination of coffee liqueur, pineapple juice, and rum is just divine."


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11.Overrated: Moscow Mule

Moscow mule

"It’s a staple that a lot of my friends love, and I think can be a refreshing option from time to time, but having it over and over really shows it can be a one-dimensional drink and hard to play around with."


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12.Underrated: Army & Navy and Sidecar

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13.Overrated: Any cocktail with prosecco

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"I could be biased; however, as I'm a night person and most of the time I'm serving mimosas, I'm still trying to wake up."


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14.Underrated: Japanese slipper

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"Japanese slipper is criminally underrated in my opinion. Such a wonderful combination of flavors."


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15.Overrated: Dirty vodka martinis

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"Especially when they ask for it extra dirty. IMO go drink olive juice from the jar at home."


Which underrated and overrated cocktails would you add to this list? Share your drink of choice in the comments below!