Parenting Spotlight: Rachel Holmyard

Each month, In The Know by Yahoo gives everyday parents their time to shine in our exclusive Parenting Spotlight. This month, we're featuring Rachel Holmyard, a mom of twin boys, Connor and Owen, located in Winnipeg, Canada. Rachel creates content for Instagram and TikTok, documenting life with her 4-year-old sons and her husband, Colin. After years of struggling with infertility, Rachel loves connecting with other parents. to share her story and to support and inspire them on their own parenting journey. "I’m honored to say that being a mom is my first priority and I love it so much!" said Rachel. What’s your best parenting advice?. Try to resist the temptation to use TV/phones/computers to entertain or babysit them. Let your kid explore and experience the world. What is one “parenting win” you’re super proud of?. Toy rotation! It keeps my house fairly tidy, and the boys are more engaged in play and less dependent on screen time

Video Transcript