Outdoor Cat Slowly Learning to Trust People Is So Inspiring To Watch

Butterscotch has already come so far!

Earning the trust of an animal isn't an easy task, but it can feel like the greatest accomplishment when it's all said and done. That's why we can practically feel the excitement from Korey--who goes by @wkland78 on TikTok--when the outdoor cat he's been feeding for years finally starts to trust him. The feline even let himself into Korey's warehouse!

We think it's so sweet that the cat lover stopped to film the moment and talk to Butterscotch as he explored. If you ask us, it looked like it helped the kitty feel more comfortable during his first long trip indoors!

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Go, Butterscotch! We love to see such a curious kitty, though we were surprised to see how talkative he is, too. He must be telling Korey all about his outdoor adventures!

"Seems like you got a shop cat," wrote commenter @gulliver19672. It sure does! Butterscotch definitely looks like he's taking in his new surroundings, but he must've felt comfortable since he's marking his scent everywhere!

@Tammtoot2 gushed, "the pantaloons! He’s rubbing his face and marking things with his scent. He’s trusting you & starting to feel comfortable with you." It's magical to see! If we feel proud of Butterscotch for taking these steps, though, just imagine how Korey must be feeling right now.

"Omg. It’s happening," @opposumfeather wrote. "He’s almost ready to go from under the porch to a comfy safe sofa!!! Well done sir for being the consistent kindness he needs." You said it! Consistent love and patience can go a long way in helping an animal feel comfortable, and Korey's efforts are the perfect example!

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