Neve Campbell Made Her 3-Year-Old Son Know He Was Adopted "From The Beginning"

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Neve Campbell doesn't want to hide anything from her 3-year-old son, Raynor.

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The Scream actor explained that she told Raynor he was adopted "from the beginning," so he never had any questions about where he came from.

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"I read a lot about it. I think back in the day we used to think, Keep it from them and throw it at them when they’re 21 so their entire reality falls apart, which makes so much sense. No," Neve said on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

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She continued, "Really the guidance that I had was even before they understand the language, talk about their birth mother, talk about their story. Tell them who they are."

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Neve noted that because they talk about it, "It's no surprise for Raynor in any sense whatsoever."

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"He knows he was in Cynthia's tummy. She made him," Neve said, adding that she asked Raynor's birth mother for photos she could give to the little boy.

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And she went above and beyond, creating an entire album with photos of herself and information about her life and what she likes.

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"We go through this book and he goes, 'Mommy, I love costumes too!' He feels this relationship to her, and I think it’s really important, 'cause they’re gonna need that," Neve concluded.

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Hear all that Neve had to say below.