We Want To Know The Things Movies And TV Shows Get Completely Wrong About Your Job

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Have you ever been watching a movie or TV show where one of the characters has the same job as you, and they totally just get it all wrong?

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Maybe you work in the medical field and are sick and tired of the way shows like Grey's Anatomy depict life on the job.

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Or perhaps you're a teacher who can't get over the way Glee portrayed working in a school.

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Do you work in finance and hate when people compare your job to The Wolf of Wall Street?

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Or maybe you're a lawyer who can't help but cringe at the way Legally Blonde describes law school.

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Whether you're a banker or a barista, an engineer or an EMT, we want to hear what movies and TV shows get totally wrong about your career. Share your stories in the comments, or fill out this Google form if you'd prefer to remain anonymous. Your responses could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!