Your Monthly Love Horoscope for October 2022

Your Monthly Love Horoscope for October 2022. Discover your Monthly Love Horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


Things happen very quickly during the Venus-Jupiter opposition on October 1, Aries, and you’re left reeling because of it. You might be better off if you believe that everything happens for a reason, because if you don’t, going through a sudden breakup could be quite traumatic.

On the ninth, a full moon rises in your fiery sign, empowering you personally and encouraging you to become as independent as possible. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need a partner, but even Rams in relationships can benefit from activating your unique, individual talents and abilities.

You could become easily overwhelmed during the opposition between fast-moving Mercury in indecisive Libra and expansive Jupiter in your aggressive sign on October 12, and any spontaneous movements could lead to long-term regret. Maybe you’re too busy living in the moment to focus on the future, but the potential to make mistakes is high if you don’t slow down and take your time before making a major decision.

On October 30, your intense leader Mars is partnered with quick-thinking Gemini when it goes retrograde, which is a signal to pump the brakes, especially when it comes to communication. Is it really so important to get the last word? All romantic situations can benefit from you listening more and talking less during this planetary slowdown.


As a new month begins, your lovely leader Venus is partnered with Libra, the sign of relationships. No matter what your current status, Taurus, your focus is on improving your love life. Fairness and compromise are major players in making this work during this transit. In other words, put away your stubbornness!

Communicative Mercury goes direct on October 2, and because it’s linked with fellow earth sign Virgo, your conversations are short and to the point. You can still be a flirt, but you aren’t overly elaborate with your words. You’d much rather let your actions do the (sexy) talking now.

Secretive Pluto goes direct in ambitious Capricorn on the eighth, bringing some pretty intense things to the surface. If you’ve been struggling to deal with relationship issues, this serious transit can help you be more open, honest and direct about how you’re feeling. Just be prepared to get the same in return.

On October 23, both the sun and Venus enter dark and mysterious Scorpio, your opposing sign. To say things might get a little intense in the coming month is a huge understatement, but you can handle it. By exploring the depths of your own (and/or your current or eventual partner’s) emotions, you can grow and transform both as a person and a partner.


Your witty home planet Mercury is retrograde in discerning Virgo on the first day of the month, but on the second it goes direct, giving a positive boost to projects, apps, travel plans, etc. Your love life benefits from having to deal with fewer complications, so go ahead and say yes to some of the things you’ve refrained from lately.

On October 10, Mercury leaves precise Virgo for kindred air sign Libra, allowing you to communicate in a friendly, casual and easygoing way. You’re much less likely to take sides now, so don’t be surprised if friends ask you to act as referee during their little couples spats. If you don’t want to get in the middle of it, just say so (but secretly you kinda like the drama).

On the eleventh, Mars is in your fast-moving sign as it squares Neptune in wishy-washy Pisces, so you become very impatient with anyone who can’t make up their mind. If a partner or date takes forever to choose something off the menu, you might lose it.

When serious Saturn leaves its retrograde cycle while paired with rebel Aquarius on October 22, it’s time to take some of the lessons you learned from the past several months and apply them to your current situation. If you found out you could use a little more structure, start to slowly implement some subtle changes. Running wild is overrated.


Your inner fire has been lit and you’ve burned through some valuable inner growth during Vesta’s retrograde in Aquarius. Now, when it goes direct on October 5, it’s time to start helping others with just as much passion. You’re practically the poster child for what self-growth can do for someone’s love life, Cancer, so go out and educate others!

On the ninth, a full moon in fiery Aries encourages you to push past your (perhaps self-imposed) romantic limitations in order to find more passion in your life. Even if you’re currently in a happy relationship, you can always be more happy, fulfilled, satisfied, etc. Single Crabs, get spontaneous. Say yes instead of no and watch the fireworks go off!

On October 23, both the sun and Venus pair up with kindred emotional water sign Scorpio, intensifying your feelings to an incredible degree. If you meet someone you really click with in the next month, you’re immediately obsessed. And if you’re already with your soul mate, you won’t be able to keep your hands off each other. Your sexual chemistry is unreal.

Scorpio’s intensity makes another appearance as it influences the new moon and solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth, infusing your love life with suspicion, jealousy and thoughts of revenge. The worst thing you can do under this lunation is act without having any evidence. Using “I just had a feeling” as an excuse to cause drama or damage isn’t nearly a good enough excuse now.


It’s time to start focusing on the future when asteroid Vesta (partnered with intelligent Aquarius) leaves its retrograde cycle and starts moving forward again on October 5. Looking at your current romantic situation from a logical perspective helps.

On the eleventh, your bright leader sun is in balanced Libra during its trine to smart Saturn in Aquarius, which can help you get your boring responsibilities out of the way quickly so you can have some fun. If you’re part of a couple, divide chores evenly so that one of you doesn’t feel resentful.

There’s an optimistic sun-Mars air trine on October 17 that gives you some extra energy to conquer whatever has been standing in the way of you being as happy as you can be. If your self-esteem has taken a hit lately, you might be hesitant to try again, but trust us, Leo. The Universe is working in your favor now, so the chances of being rejected are low.

The sun and Venus enter sultry Scorpio on the twenty-third, and the new moon and solar eclipse in Scorpio two days later help make sure that the end of the month is filled with intensity, secrecy and mystery! The Scorpion’s transformative powers are amazing. If you can find a way to lower your guard and let someone in, you’re due for some truly magical moments.


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Your standards are high as your mental ruler Mercury heads direct while in your critical sign on October 2, so you’ll notice all of the little details that other people don’t catch. The trick is to be as tactful as possible, Virgo. Although you’re just being helpful when you tell your sweetie or date that they have spinach in their teeth, it could be quite embarrassing for them.

The Aries full moon wakes up your passionate side on the ninth, and your sudden aggressive attitude might catch someone off guard. Getting what you want is easy during this powerful lunation, but, tbh, you prefer a challenge. You’d much rather be the one pursuing than the one being pursued.

On October 10, Mercury leaves your precise, practical sign for Libra’s airy, graceful influence and then opposes adventurous Jupiter two days later. If your love life becomes overwhelming at this point, adjust as necessary. Maybe you can reschedule a date as opposed to canceling it altogether. As long as you’re willing to compromise, most obstacles can be overcome during this stressful aspect.

Serious Saturn goes direct in Aquarius on the twenty-second, giving you a chance to put some positive lessons into play. And while you won’t be able to totally put a recent disappointment or heartbreak behind you, vowing not to make the same mistakes that led up to it gives you some incredibly comforting peace of mind.


Your romantic ruler Venus is floating comfortably in your sign when it opposes aggressive Jupiter in restless Aries on October 1, and you might be thrown off by something totally unexpected. And while you can’t control what other people do, Libra, you can at least make sure you react appropriately. It might be time to end a toxic relationship with someone who obviously doesn’t want you to be happy.

On the second, you get a break when communication manager Mercury goes direct while in precise Virgo, especially if you’ve been getting mixed messages from someone lately. This informative energy makes sure that you’re both ready and willing to get right to the point, and that technical glitches and errors won’t get in the way of effective communication.

Mental Mercury enters your peaceful sign on October 10, at which point you won’t really want to talk about anything that leads to an argument. If a current or potential partner brings up a controversial topic like politics or religion, you can’t change the subject fast enough.

You can look forward to the exciting new moon and solar eclipse in sexy Scorpio on the twenty-fifth, because it gives you permission to delve into your dark side. If you have some fantasies you want to explore that your partner isn’t into, work on convincing them. Of course, no always means no, but you can be pretty persuasive. If they agree to indulge you, make sure you pick out a safe word.


With your planetary co-ruler Mars in smart Gemini to start the month, you’re turned on by people who are outgoing, intelligent and witty. If you’re looking for a date, air signs are a good match. If you’re already in a relationship with one, the chemistry is amazing.

Your deep-feeling co-ruler Pluto leaves its retrograde cycle and goes direct while in hardworking Capricorn on October 8, pushing you to pursue the truth even harder than usual. You might be able to eventually forgive, Scorpio, but it’s doubtful you’ll be able to actually move past something if you feel like the other person isn’t being 100 percent honest.

The end of the month is electrified by a ton of Scorpio energy, starting with the partnership of the sun and Venus in your alluring sign on the twenty-third. For the coming month you love to play hard to get, and all types of people are drawn to your mysterious personality and good looks.

The new moon and solar eclipse in your penetrating sign on October 25 help you find the underlying cause of things when you use all of the investigative tools you have available. And once you find out the truth about a current partner or crush, you’ll never look at them the same way again.


The opposition between Venus in balanced Libra and your ruler Jupiter in bold Aries on October 1 brings some unexpected but important things to light. If you’ve been ignoring some obvious red flags lately, this aspect exposes them for what they are and challenges you to do something about them. Staying silent isn’t a good option now.

Chatty Mercury enters graceful, peacekeeping Libra (highlighting your networking zone) on the tenth, which can help bring out your social game and encourage you to get to know a lot of different types of people. If you don’t hit it off with someone romantically (or you’re already in a relationship), maybe this person will become an important business contact or is a perfect match for your BFF.

On October 12, there’s an overwhelming Mercury-Jupiter opposition that keeps you very busy, but taking on too much would be a mistake. If you’re single, you’ll be tempted to say yes to everyone who asks you out, but there aren’t enough days in the week to go on all those dates and get everything else accomplished too. If you’re part of a couple who has too many DIY projects or family events on your schedule, put something off until next month if possible. Being overly accommodating can be exhausting.

Searching Jupiter reenters gentle Pisces on the twenty-seventh, sending you on a quest for emotional security. If you’re not getting it from a current relationship, you have some soul-searching to do.


Your hardworking home planet Saturn is moving retrograde through innovative Aquarius early this month, encouraging you to think about trying some different things. If your love life is less than ideal, what would it take to mix it up a little? Experiment. Get weird. Be progressive.

Transformational Pluto leaves its contemplative retrograde cycle while partnered with your serious sign on October 8, which is your signal to be less afraid of whatever has been holding you back from finding (or expressing or experiencing) true love. Do you think what goes on in the deep recesses of your mind is what keeps you from being in a relationship? You’d be surprised by how accepting true love can be.

A daring full moon in excitable Aries on the ninth doesn’t want you to hold back either. You’re encouraged to really go for what you want during this exciting lunation, and this lunar energy gives you the drive and power to get over whatever obstacles are in your way. Go for it, Capricorn. The time is now.

On October 22, Saturn goes direct while still in unconventional Aquarius, encouraging you to take the lessons you’ve learned during this cathartic month and really run with them. You might feel like a totally different person because of what you’ve gone through, but that’s not a bad thing. Give a current or potential partner time to get used to the “new” you.


You can start to get back to regular communications as smart Mercury leaves its retrograde period on October 2. And because Mercury is highlighting your house of transformation, you can come up with some pretty strong intellectual insights about your love life now. One word of caution: avoid manipulating people to get what you want.

On the fifth, dedicated asteroid Vesta goes direct while in your offbeat sign, and you’re 100 percent committed to being yourself. You get what you want by letting your unique personality shine, and because you’re a bit of an acquired taste, only the right people will be attracted to you now. And we mean that in the most positive way!

An air trine between the charming Libra sun and social climber Saturn (retrograde) in your networking sign on October 11 gives you the opportunity to make some seriously excellent personal connections. If you’re looking for love, you could meet your perfect match during this aspect. If you’re already committed, the sparks you feel now will most likely turn into more of a platonic or business vibe (but they’re valuable just the same).

Ambitious Saturn turns direct while still in your first house on the twenty-second, dialing back the social activity and turning on the determination. It’s time to get down to some serious business now, Aquarius. Start working toward your romantic goals if you want to reach them by year’s end. 


Tech guru Mercury has been messing with your dating apps and texts while it’s been retrograde, so when it goes direct in your partnership zone on October 2, it’s like a light bulb turning on. You’re the first to admit that you can get pretty emotional about love, but this logical transit helps you reach decisions by taking a more helpful, rational perspective to reach those “aha” moments.

Luckily, overthinking isn’t a problem during the full moon in fiery Aries on the ninth. You’re open to new romantic adventures, Pisces, but you’ll be less inhibited if you stop worrying so much about what other people think or say about your love life. In fact, you might be surprised to find out that no one is really thinking about it (or judging it) at all.

Commitment-focused asteroid Juno comes out of a difficult retrograde period on October 23, and while it’s traveling with your sensitive sign, you long for deep, spiritual connections. If you’re single or your current partner isn’t meeting your needs, turn to alternative healing sources. Something like astrology, Tarot or crystals can reveal what’s missing in your love life.

As lucky Jupiter reenters your creative sign on the twenty-seventh, you get a second chance at conflict resolution. Find a quiet space to do some serious thinking. No one else can figure things out for you, and this time around might be your last chance to get it right.

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