Mom throws Pride parade for daughter because their town doesn't have one

A TikToker's hometown doesn't have a Pride parade, so her mom gave her a reason to celebrate. The mother and daughter behind @scottyandsimone, a page devoted to two influencer pups, stole the spotlight from the dogs in one video. The family is based near Philadelphia and South Jersey but not close enough to any local Pride parades. But that didn't matter, as the mom still wanted her daughter to have a moment this month. The daughter looked down from her house's balcony. Her mother was down below, dressed in an inflatable unicorn costume. She had a red wagon decorated with Pride flags and their two pups carted inside. The mom danced to some music. It wasn't exactly a parade, but it was definitely special. The touching video racked up 2.9 million views on TikTok. "I think we all love your mom (and doggos, of course)," a user said. "Your mom [is] amazing. You are truly a blessed person," another wrote

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