Mom sparks family drama after ‘regifting’ her husband’s Father’s Day present: ‘She clearly doesn’t respect [him]’

A woman couldn’t believe her mom gave away her dad’s Father’s Day gift.

She explained the family matter on Reddit’s “Am I the A****** (AITA)” forum. Two years ago, she gave her father a limited edition bottle of bourbon. Her father never drank the bourbon but one day he wanted to drink something special with her. However, when she went to retrieve the bottle she discovered it was missing.

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“Two years ago, I purchased a special/limited edition bottle of bourbon and gave it to my dad for Father’s Day,” she explained. “Over the last two years, I’ve noticed that it’s remained unopened in their liquor cabinet with the original satin bow I tied on it. Together we look for the bottle, but it’s nowhere to be found. Today while stopping at my sister’s house, I notice the bottle of bourbon on her bar cart… satin bow and all. So I take it back to my house with the intention of giving it back to my dad. I confronted my mom, who says she forgot it thereafter they visited three weeks ago, but to bring it back to dad when next time I see him.”

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But then her sister texted her, saying that their mom had given it to her sister’s boyfriend.

“Long story short, I caught my mom (without my dad knowing) offering my Father’s Day gift to my sister’s new boyfriend,” she wrote. “Basically, everyone hates me, and I have this bottle of bourbon that I intend on returning to my dad, who still has no idea what’s happened. AITA for taking back a bottle of expensive bourbon that was intended for my dad?”

Reddit users thought the daughter had every right to take it back.

“If your dad regifted, then it’d be NAH. But regifting someone else’s gift without telling them definitely is,” a user commented.

“She clearly doesn’t respect her husband and was trying to impress her daughter’s boyfriend for some reason,” another wrote.

“Your mom sucks,” a person said.

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