MLB superstars are clamoring for Kevin Leonel’s handmade streetwear created from sports jerseys

Kevin Leonel is changing the sports fashion world with his unique jackets and hoodies

Video Transcript


KEVIN LEONEL: I want people to receive an art piece, not a clothing piece. I put a lot of energy and a lot of my creative vision behind it. They receive something that's very unique, one of one, that they can't get anywhere else.

Hi, guys. My name is Kevin Leonel. And I'm a street wear designer who hand makes sports pieces. And I'm here with In The Know. Back in January, I made a Bryce Harper kimono.

- And a high fly ball into the second deck, Bryce Harper.

KEVIN LEONEL: I posted it on Instagram. And about two weeks after that is when Bryce Harper ended up seeing the piece, and he reached out to show love. After a while, we were speaking throughout the summer. And eventually in September is when I reached back out to Bryce, saying I had a peace ready for him.

We met up at Citi Field, and I was able to pass him off the jersey, which was honestly one of my favorite moments in the whole year. I made a piece for Manny Machado, Clint Frazier from the Yankees. And my newest piece is going to be for Manny Ramirez from the Boston Red Sox.


Everything by myself, I do all the cutting. I do all the sewing. I do even the research myself, basically. So it starts to tell a story after a while, you know. Like, the colors that are being picked, the team jersey you're working with, a certain player, it all ties into a certain story.


My hope one day is to take this worldwide. You know, to sell a piece, it takes a lot of effort. You work on it for so long. And for someone to actually use their hard earned money to buy one, it just feels very special to me.

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