Mila Kunis says a surprising scene in 'That '90s Show' is the most 'nervous' she’s ever been

Mila Kunis sat down with Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY to talk about the reboot of "That '70s Show" which has doing something she said she'd most likely never do again — star alongside her husband, Ashton Kutcher.

On "That '90s Show," Kunis and Kutcher, whose characters dated on the original show but didn't end up together, appear as a married couple. Kunis, reprising the role Jackie Burkhart, told Geist she was intimidated to do her scene with Kutcher, who again plays Michael Kelso.

"We're going to do one scene together ... playing a married couple in it ... I've never been more nervous in my life," the actor said, laughing.

When pressed for more details by Willie, Kunis said her hesitation comes from the familiarity she and Kutcher have after more than seven years of marriage.

"It was so weird to look at him and not be like, ‘Why are you doing that funny face?’ Or for him not to look at me and be like, ‘Why are you acting so...’ There’s a part of you that, after being together, and you can call BS on someone," she explained.

Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist - Season 36 (Nathan Congleton / NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)
Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist - Season 36 (Nathan Congleton / NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)

In addition to struggling to keep a straight face, Kunis said that just being on the iconic set again was disorienting.

“It’s trippy, because we were in the same house, and it takes place in the same basement, but we’re old and married and have children," Kunis said. "It was like being in Twilight Zone. It was very, very weird.”

Kunis said in a previous Sunday Sitdown with Willie in 2018 that she likely wouldn't act with Kutcher again. The pair, who met on the show in 1998 and began dating in 2012 before tying the knot in 2015, only changed their minds after discussing the reboot.

“Honestly, there was a little hesitation,” she said. “From one of us. I will not say which one."

In addition to their careers as actors and humanitarians, Kutcher and Kunis share two children: daughter Wyatt, 8, and son Dimitri, 5. During the pandemic, Kunis told Geist that she and the family were able to get away for a while on a long RV trip, made easier by the fact that they were wearing masks.

"We did a massive road trip over the summer and the only reason we could have done it the way that we did it was because my husband and I were able to just wear masks when we went to all the National Park monuments and things," she explained.

"I don’t know if we could have done it without a mask," she continued. "It was great."

Up next on Kunis' plate is the new Netflix drama "Luckiest Girl Alive." The film, based on the 2015 bestselling mystery novel by Jessica Knoll, stars Kunis as Ani Fanelli, a young woman living in New York City and leading a seemingly perfect, Instagram-worthy life. In the script, also by Jessica Knoll, she's forced to confront horrifying events from her teenage years.

Kunis said that she enjoyed the twists and turns of the script and the fact that she gets to play a character who takes on different identities.

"That’s a little bit of the fun cat and mouse game that she plays within herself," she said of the character. "Like, 'Which one of these is the real me?'"

When asked by Geist if she enjoyed playing a character who faces so much trauma, Kunis said that if she's being honest, the answer is no. She said that while she looks at acting as "playing pretend," that sometimes the work can be exhausting.

"But, that being said, I can separate the two pretty well," she said of acting and real life. "So as hard as it is, I’m not in a ditch. I’m not in a mine. It’s not that hard."

"Luckiest Girl Alive" will debut on Netflix October 7.


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