Loudly Singing Fan at Billie Eilish Concert Goes Viral for All the Wrong Reasons

One fan was having her own mini-concert at the event.

Many people enjoy singing along with artists at concerts, but most of the time, they don't sing loud enough to bother others in attendance. 

Unfortunately, that was not the case at one Billie Eilish concert.

In a video shared by a perturbed concertgoer, a nearby fan can be heard belting along to the songs very loudly–sometimes at a higher volume than Eilish.

Mikayla Breé, who goes by Thefamousmikbar on TikTokposted her experience on the platform with the caption, "Your [sic] not the main character," and the video quickly went viral.

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As the video begins, an overlay of text appeared on the screen which read: "To the person who thinks they can outsing Billie Eilish and ruined all my videos."

In the short clip, Eilish can be seen performing on stage as part of her Happier Than Ever, The World Tour, while one person in the background can be heard adding their own intense adlibs and riffs that often continue after Eilish finishes the line.

At one point, Eilish is singing her popular song "Bored," and during a pause in the song, the fan keeps singing her own tune, leading many to turn around and see who is responsible for the extra music

There's an added level of distraction due to the fact that the fan is adding in notes and vibrato where there are none and also singing very loudly when Eilish isn't. 

It's safe to say that many viewers related to this concertgoer's experience, with one person in the comments writing, "I thought you were being petty at first but the longer this video went on I’m 💯 on your side 😂."

Another said: "All I can think about is going to a concert with your friend for the first time without knowing they do this."

A lot of people found the video hilarious, adding comments like, "Girl be having her own concert😭," while some others expressed jealousy of the singing fan's boldness, "that’s the confidence I aspire to have lmao."

One thing the original poster made sure to note was, "This did not come from a malicious pov guys." 

Like her, many people watching the video have gone to music concerts at which something similar happened, and sometimes you just have to laugh it off and commiserate with others online.

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