Laura Harrier Can Make Pottery, Can't Make Cocktails

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Photo credit: Getty Images


It’s been a big day for Laura Harrier. The actress woke up to news of her recent film, BlacKkKlansman, being nominated for a Golden Globe, then zoomed through the NADA art fair in Miami, ending up at Casa Casuarina-a.k.a. the infamous Versace Mansion-for Bombay Sapphire’s Artisan Series Finale.

What can we expect from the Louis Vuitton muse when she goes through the awards red carpet marathon? A lot of poise, some serious designer looks, and probably a cocktail...or four.

Photo credit: Spike Lee
Photo credit: Spike Lee

Congratulations on BlacKkKlansman's nomination!

Thank you. I literally just found out now. It's very exciting and we're all really proud of the movie, but wow.

It looks like you've got a huge red carpet season ahead of you. How do you feel about red carpet culture? Are you excited to discuss fashion, or do you wish it were more about global issues?

To me, there’s always room to have deeper conversations about where we are in the world, even on a red carpet. There’s always space to bring awareness to larger issues. The carpet is such a huge platform, we’re lucky to be able to use it to talk about things that are more meaningful. Of course, most of the questions are going to be about fashion and clothes-and I love fashion and clothes, and I’m happy to talk about them because they're such a big part of our culture. But if we have the opportunity, why not also talk about something else? Not instead of clothes, but along with clothes?

You were a model before becoming an actress. Is it a job you'd encourage other girls to do?

Oh, no. Absolutely not. But my experience was really different, because I was a real unknown when I started. I wasn’t [Devon Windsor] or Bella or Kendall, you know? I just modeled to pay my way through acting school, so it wasn’t really my big focus or my goal. I just wanted to make money so I could become a better actress. But I really didn’t like modeling, because I did feel objectified. If you’re able to be a model from a place of more power, it’s probably different. But in my experience, it wasn't for me.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

You were at NADA this afternoon, and now at the Bombay Sapphire art competition. Do you consider yourself artsy?

Sure. I still make ceramics at home! I do it on a pottery wheel; it’s super meditative for me. But I’ve never sold them or anything, not like I'm a professional. I give them away, but…do you think I should sell some of them for charity?

Actually, I think you should star in a Ghost remake.

I know! I should! Why not? There’s already video of me online doing it; maybe that can just be my audition.

We're doing this interview five feet from a Bombay Sapphire martini bar. Are you a good bartender?

Not really. I can’t make cocktails, but I drink a lot of them.

Before red carpets?

Fuck yeah. Sorry, am I allowed to say that? Because yes, I am drunk in every picture you see of me. [Laughs] Seriously though, that shit is so stressful. Literally, I have anxiety attacks because it’s just a group of a million men screaming at you and flashing bright lights at you and telling you how to look. Are you kidding? That’s crazy. Have a drink first.

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