Kaley Cuoco’s messy ponytail at the Emmy Awards *is* the moment

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Photo credit: David Livingston/Getty - Getty Images
Photo credit: David Livingston/Getty - Getty Images

Ponytails can be so hit or miss. They have the ability to either look super sleek and polished, casual but still effortlessly chic, orrrr: they can make you look a bit like a Founding Father. When worn by me, things tend to fall in that last category.

So, when I saw Kaley Cuoco walk the red carpet at the Emmy Awards, I was taking ponytail tips immediately.

The The Big Bang Theory actress wore the perfect messy ponytail of my dreams at last night's ceremony.

A huge leap away from the snatched, sky-high ponytails we’re used to seeing nowadays, Kaley’s was placed much lower, sitting just above the nape of her neck, and had a bit of messy volume at the back, too.

The front of the ponytail involved lots of messy strands that framed her face and fell alongside her full, block fringe.

Basically, it’s a masterpiece and now I’m actually considering wearing a ponytail to my next major event.

Even better, it seems that Kaley’s perfect hair wasn’t actually planned. Celebrity hairstylist Christine Symonds, who was responsible for this epic hair moment, posted a behind-the-scenes picture of Kaley getting ready on her Instagram Stories.

Photo credit: Christine Symonds/@christinesymondshair
Photo credit: Christine Symonds/@christinesymondshair

On the picture, she wrote: “we tried it up while @Kaleycuoco decides to do @jamiemakeup’s makeup”.

She then posted a picture of the finished look, simply stating: “we went with up!”

Love, love, love.

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