Jennifer Aniston reacts to Paul Rudd being named Sexiest Man Alive

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Jennifer Aniston was way ahead of the game when it comes to People magazine choosing Paul Rudd as its Sexiest Man Alive this week.

The former "Friends" star, 52, celebrated the news in her Instagram stories on Thursday, where she posted footage from Rudd's photo shoot for People. "This makes me so happy. We’ve ALWAYS known this, but Paul Rudd is officially @people’s Sexiest Man Alive!" Aniston wrote across the video.

Aniston shared a photo of her and Rudd in the 1998 rom-com
Aniston shared a photo of her and Rudd in the 1998 rom-com

Aniston and Rudd, 52, go way back — to even before the days when Rudd played Mike, the future onscreen husband of her "Friends" co-star Lisa Kudrow. A few years before, Aniston starred opposite Rudd in the 1998 rom-com "The Object of My Affection."

Alicia Silverstone, seen here with Rudd in 1995's
Alicia Silverstone, seen here with Rudd in 1995's

In her stories, Aniston also shared an image from that movie, which showed her and Rudd cuddling, and pointed out that Rudd is somehow still just as boyishly handsome as he was then.

"You don’t age, which is weird. But we still love you," she wrote.

The duo reunited onscreen in the 2012 comedy "Wanderlust," which also starred Aniston's future ex-husband Justin Theroux.

As happy as Aniston was for the "Ant-Man" star, she's hardly the only Hollywood star to think People nailed it with their pick.

Alicia Silverstone, who played Rudd's stepsister in the 1995 comedy “Clueless,” also congratulated the actor. On Friday, Silverstone, 45, tweeted a TikTok video showing her as her character Cher in the movie looking at the sky where Rudd's current People cover magically appears.

"I mean… Cher’s been saying he is a kind of a Baldwin since 1995 #Clueless," Silverstone wrote of Rudd.

Even Rudd's fellow Marvel actor Mark Ruffalo, 53, thought he deserved the honor, telling the actor on Instagram, "I knew this day would come. Congrats, man 🥳 I hope you continue to never age so you can continue to hold this title."

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