IKEA shopper discovers secret ‘infinity’ room inside one of the chain’s stores: ‘Is this in every IKEA?’

The IKEA infinity room is the internet’s new favorite art installation.

That’s thanks to both TikTok and to IKEA Greenwich, where the strange, hidden room seems to be located.

According to a now-viral video from a user named Anjali (@anj0banj0), the IKEA infinity room is a secret, unadvertised art installation hiding one of the department store’s locations in Greenwich, a neighborhood in east-central London.

“This is your sign to find the secret infinity room in IKEA,” Anjali captioned her video.

In the clip, Anjali travels through IKEA until she finds an unseemly door labeled “Infinity.” Inside, there are a series of lights, mirrors and hanging art pieces — reminiscent of the “infinity rooms” popularized by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

The video immediately left TikTokers scrambling to find the room.


“Is this real?” one user asked.

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“Is this in every IKEA?” another added.

“We must go,” another wrote.

Several London-based TikTokers chimed in to say that since watching the video, they’d gone to the Greenwich IKEA and found the infinity room. As UNILAD points out, at least one other explorer — a Pinterest user named Diqa — shared a video of the experience.

As of now, it’s unclear if the IKEA infinity room is inside any stores except the Greenwich location. However, that hasn’t stopped TikTokers from looking.

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