Having control of your crypto assets can help you seamlessly manage everything in one place

As your crypto needs grow and evolve, you may need a platform that allows for full control and ownership of your assets.

Video Transcript

- If you're getting into crypto, it might be because you care about having control and ownership over your digital assets. Ledger has all the products you need to provide the best security for your funds and the freedom to buy and manage crypto entirely on your own.

With Ledger you have a hardware wallet and the Ledger Live app, which work together to provide the perfect crypto solution. The physical hardware wallet allows you to store the digital keys of your crypto assets safely and securely offline in a chip that offers industry leading security. The Ledger Live app provides a safe gateway to access a range of crypto services. Any transactions you make here will need approval from here, making sure that you are the one in control.

So between these two, you have all the tools you need to start, grow and manage your crypto future.

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