'Hailey Bieber Nails,' 'Addison Rae Lipgloss' and 'Old Money Aesthetic' Among Top Trending Google Searches of 2022

Adam Sandler emerged as a celebrity style influencer, too.

As the year ends and we reflect on the last 12 months, Google's annual Year in Search reveals what the most culturally significant moments, people and trends of 2022 were — according to what we typed into our search engines.

Based on the top trending queries (which the company defines as searches with a high spike in traffic over a sustained period within the U.S.), the Year in Search yields some fascinating results, some more surprising than others: On the fashion front, "how to style leather pants" was a trending styling tip, while many also inquired about the "preppy aesthetic"; Hailey Bieber's nails, meanwhile, topped beauty searches, as did "passport makeup trend" and "What skincare products should not be refrigerated?"

There were also some funny findings, such as "Minnie Mouse" ranking among the top trending fictional outfits, "Adam Sandler" emerging as a top celebrity style influencer and "old money" being one of the most-searched aesthetics.

Read on for all the top trending fashion and beauty searches — in categories ranging from skin care to celebrity hair to sustainability — of 2022.

Makeup Trends

  • Passport makeup trend

  • Addison Rae lip gloss trend

  • White dot trend

  • Invisible eyeliner trend

  • Douyin blush trend

  • Doe eyes trend

  • Tired eyes trend

  • Crying makeup trend

  • Under eyeshadow trend

  • Dark lip liner trend

Skincare Questions

  • What skincare products should not be refrigerated?

  • How to add niacinamide to skincare routine?

  • What is BHT in skincare?

  • What is niacinamide in skincare?

  • How long does skincare last?

  • What is slugging?

  • What is niacinamide good for?

  • What is BHA?

  • What does retinol do for your skin?

  • Is hyaluronic acid safe for pregnancy?


  • Hailey Bieber nails

  • Red nail theory

  • Milky nails

  • Half moon nails

  • Chrome nails

  • Pink coffin nails

  • Euphoria nails

  • Chocolate glazed donut nails

  • Mardi gras nails

  • Pink french tip nails

Celebrities + Red Carpet

  • Amber Heard

  • Wesley Snipes

  • Regina Hall

  • Chris Rock

  • Billie Eilish

  • Zendaya

  • Selena Gomez

  • Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

  • Andrew Garfield

  • Julia Fox

Celebrity Outfits

  • Adam Sandler

  • Joe Burrow

  • Jarrett Allen

  • Bad Bunny

  • Pamela Anderson

  • Ben Simmons

  • Amber Heard court

  • Lil Nas X VMAs

  • Snoop Dogg

  • Johnny Weir

Celebrity Hair

  • Jada Pinkett Smith

  • Dixie D'Amelio

  • Brandon Marsh

  • Jason Momoa

  • Jimmy Butler

  • Summer Walker

  • Brooks Koepka

  • Crystal Gayle

  • Karol G

  • Teresa Giudice wedding

Fictional Outfits

  • Minnie Mouse

  • Maddy Perez

  • Jesse Pinkman

  • Rue Bennett

  • Batman drifter

  • Eddie Munson

  • Cassie Howard

  • Walter White

  • Kat Hernandez

  • Max Mayfield

How to Style

  • How to style leather pants

  • How to style Doc Martens

  • How to style oversized shirt

  • How to style a jean jacket

  • How to style flare leggings

  • How to style joggers

  • How to style sweatpants

  • How to style loafers

  • How to style bell bottom jeans

  • How to style a white button up


  • Preppy aesthetic

  • Clean girl aesthetic

  • Coquette aesthetic

  • Summer aesthetic

  • Downtown girl aesthetic

  • Spring aesthetic

  • Dark brown aesthetic

  • Old money aesthetic

  • Hazel aesthetic

  • Stranger Things aesthetic


  • Sustainable bookshelf

  • Sustainable farming

  • Sustainable jewelry

  • Sustainable aquatics

  • Sustainable architecture

  • Sustainable companies

  • Sustainable dish

  • Sustainable tourism

  • Sustainable sneakers

  • Sustainable cleaning products

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