Tattoo Artists Are Sharing Their Most Entitled Customers, And I Can't Believe These Kinds Of People Exist

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1. This "client" who thought playing the "single mom" card was enough to her a deal:

2. This person who really thought their ignorance entitled them to an "inconvenience fee":

3. All of the whiners who prompted this poor artist to post a PSA:

4. This master negotiator who haggled their way into an even higher price:

5. This clown who tried to flirt their way into some free ink:

6. This Facebook "friend" who wanted a free tattoo AND a ride:

7. This person who apparently thinks it's "conceited" to charge for your work:

8. This fine sir who demanded a refund for his tattoo AFTER getting it, because he decided it cost too much:

9. This bestie who wanted to pick the matching tattoos, but not pick up the bill:

10. This "client" who genuinely doesn't understand how the exchange of labor and goods works:

11. This "customer" who was genuinely shocked they wouldn't be able to get five hours' worth of work inked on their body for free:

12. This freeloader who got snippy the moment someone suggested she at least tip her artist:

13. This delusional being who basically said, "Come to my house so I can exploit you for free":

14. This non-artist who couldn't draw the tattoo design themselves, but also refused to pay someone else to draw the design for them:

15. This gem who had such a "sick" idea for a tattoo, they didn't want to actually pay for it:

16. And finally, this entitled jerk who actually thinks charging people for your work is "pathetic."

Fellow tattoo artists, what are your most entitled/rude/off-the-wall customer stories? Share them in the comments

h/t: r/ChoosingBeggars