Gen Z tattoo trend criticized for resembling a Nazi symbol

a recent trend has emerged in which members of Gen Z are getting a “Z” tattoo, which is seemingly innocent, but actually resembles a Nazi symbol. In a video that has since been made private, TikTok user smoothavocado suggested that all members of the youngest generation get matching ink. “What if … we all got a matching tattoo, not only a symbol of unity in our generation, but also as a sign of rebellion,” she said in the post. It didn’t take long before users started pointing out the similarities between the proposed “Z” symbol and the wolfsangel symbol. which is often associated with the Nazi party and other white supremacist groups. it’s not uncommon to see a slightly different version that still bears the same hateful meaning. Commenters were predictably outraged. “Please don’t do it it’s a Nazi symbol,” one said. “I’m embarrassed to be a Gen Z,” another wrote. Smoothavocado apologized for spreading the idea in a later TikTok, which has also been made private. Undeterred by mistakes of their peers, some Gen Z-ers are still trying to coordinate matching tattoo ideas. What could go wrong?