Former Fast Food Workers, Tell Us The Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Customers Don't Know

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Whether big or small, all industries have their own secrets. If you're an insider at a company or brand, chances are, you're gonna know some things that your customers do not.

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Maybe your insider knowledge is pretty innocent, and you just happen to know the "secret" ingredients in your chain's most popular sauce.

burgers and sauce-covered fries on a lunch tray
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Or perhaps you know a special hack where people can get a free treat for their furry friend!

  Isabelle O'hara / Getty Images/EyeEm
Isabelle O'hara / Getty Images/EyeEm

Or maybe you know something a little devious, like the fact that your cafe's popular mac 'n' cheese is purchased in bulk FROZEN.

package of frozen mac 'n' cheese
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Orrrr maybe you know something downright disturbing — that your restaurant hasn't cleaned its ice cream machine in the three years you've worked there.

woman at a restaurant making an ice cream cone at the ice cream machine
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If you've ever worked for a fast food chain, tell us your behind-the-scenes secrets! Maybe your restaurant regularly donates to local charities, or maybe a rat once fell in the deep fryer! Whatever your juicy tidbit, we wanna hear it! Share your story in the comments below, or using this anonymous form, and you may be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!