Dax Shepard Shared His Unique Technique For Getting His Younger Daughter To Go To Sleep

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Having trouble getting your kids to go to sleep? Dax Shepard has a trick that just might work.

Dax sits in a chair while looking out into the audience
Amanda Edwards / Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.

In a recent interview he and Kristen Bell did with People, Shepard shared how he gets their younger daughter, Delta, to fall asleep almost instantly.

"I figured out that if I scratch [her] head extremely hard," he said, "she is out cold within 90 seconds."

And don't worry — Shepard was quick to point out that the technique is, in fact, their daughter's request. So, everybody wins.

But not all the time. Shepard also mentioned that an attempt to take away weekend TV privileges as a "consequence" backfired on him and Bell spectacularly.

"I gave a 'no TV for the weekend' consequence, which was later revealed to be a barbaric punishment for us," he explained, as Bell added, "Yeah, that will never happen again."

Check out the entire interview here.

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