Your Daily TeenScope for October 04, 2022

Let’s face it—most “teen” horoscopes are written by folks whose ages haven’t ended with “-teen” since 2002 and are subsequently pretty cringe. We can’t guarantee that our daily horo will never be cringe, but we can guarantee that it’ll at least be useful.


You are experiencing something new today -- but it might not feel all that new. It's a repetition of an old cycle with a few new details added. It's something you need to move past this time.


You're thinking big today, and that could mean you surprise a few people -- or even alarm them! You're so far ahead of the curve that you might appear retro, but eventually people will get the clue.


You are pretty serious today, and that could mean you need to do something new to change the course you're on. Try not to make a huge deal out of it, though, because things need to stay casual.


Today's good energy flow is helping you read people a bit more clearly, so you should be able to figure out what they really want -- even when they have no clue themselves! It's a good feeling.


It's just a little bit too easy to fly off the handle and get crazy at the least provocation -- but it will do wonders for your reputation if you play it cool instead. Let people talk about how awesome you are!

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Make sure you're sticking with what's on your plate today, because any new stuff is going to be more trouble than it's worth. Pretty soon, things should get a little easier.


Your job today is to help your friends and family with their lives, but not in any serious way. Just make sure they're seeing life in the right way -- they need to chill out and enjoy the small stuff.


Enjoy your dreams tonight -- they may be even better than waking life, which is saying a lot! Your good energy makes even the most boring of tasks easy, and friends should be there when you need them.


You're in a more thoughtful mood than usual, and wouldn't mind just sitting back and letting other people lead the way socially. Most likely, people are thinking about the past, and you might learn something.


You are feeling pretty sweet today, but a bunch of friends might not be so lucky. Offer to help them out, but don't be too surprised if most of them have no idea what they even need.


Your head is a little fuzzy right now -- there's just too much information coming in! You might need to take a break and sort things out, or you might start to get confused about what's real and what's not.


You are a little self-engaged today -- but there's nothing wrong with that! Every now and then, it's a good idea to turn inward a bit and use your great energy to take care of your own, personal business.

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