Your Daily TeenScope for May 22, 2022

·3 min read

Let’s face it—most “teen” horoscopes are written by folks whose ages haven’t ended with “-teen” since 2002 and are subsequently pretty cringe. We can’t guarantee that our daily horo will never be cringe, but we can guarantee that it’ll at least be useful.


Absorbed in a network of fanciful ideas and strange figures, you may find it hard to pay attention to mundane details. The puzzles and riddles you face pick up in intensity and create illusions of untold wonders beyond.


Humanitarian notions swarm your mind with every glance at a newspaper or another person -- there are plenty of outlets for your hyped-up altruism. Volunteer your time or thoughts to make the world better.


A slightly wicked but mostly prankster attitude creates opportunities every which way you look, turning what should be dull moments into episodes of potential and hilarity. You move in on fun at every opportunity.


A concern for safety pushes you into disaster preparedness or careful analysis of your home environment for potential problems. You'll discover you can make a big difference and prepare for all possibilities.


Interactions with others drive everything that happens, so be on your best behavior and dust off any old accomplishments. People can be wooed in many ways, so flatter and pander only when necessary.

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If you've been meaning to start a fitness routine, map out desired goals and objectives and get moving. If you've wished to do a big cooking project, make your lists and fire up the ovens. You're ready for action.


With the flair of a true optimist, you make everyone believe the best. So even if you're in the most boring situation imaginable, you'll find a way to make it fun and entertaining for everyone involved.


You ride the edge between joking and teasing like a cowboy who's just discovered bucking broncos. Everything funny wins you great acclaim, while the combative side sometimes results in respectfulness.


By listening to others and shaping your decisions based not only on your wisdom, but on the collective understanding, you can speed along a chosen path much faster. Plus, it's more fun to have buddies along.


Taking your time before speaking and preparing a bullet-point outline of main ideas isn't just for schoolwork. A bit of preparation makes all the difference, so speak only when you're ready.


A firm stubbornness keeps you rooted to the ground -- and today, that's a good thing. Make sure your senses are on high alert; otherwise, you'll miss the items and ideas you'll want to seize and save for later.


Energy pours from you, electrifying the air like ionized particles around a waterfall. Your environment reacts to create beauty and soothing rhythms, which only makes you more dramatic and spectacular.

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