Your Daily TeenScope for December 01, 2021

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Let’s face it—most “teen” horoscopes are written by folks whose ages haven’t ended with “-teen” since 2002 and are subsequently pretty cringe. We can’t guarantee that our daily horo will never be cringe, but we can guarantee that it’ll at least be useful.


Your talent for organization will come through today, big time. Whether it's a class party or a fund-raising drive, you'll be able to marshal resources and delegate responsibility like a four-star general.


Little things will make you anxious today. If there's no hanger for your coat and you have to make do with a hook, you'll be annoyed. But an outing with friends will give you relief in the evening.


Intellectual thoughts will turn into artistic inspiration by evening. You'll do enough research to create a masterpiece that will wow just about anyone who comes across it.


Your cool, rational response to a potentially emotional situation will defuse all tension as if you were a bomb-squad worker who pulled out the fuse. So don't sweat it; trust your intellect.


Your ingenuity will provide a new approach that can resolve a problem between egos. So don your cape and mask and be the superhero of arbitration. Like the best action hero, be sure to be adaptable and flexible.

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If you're someone who denies the benefits of layering clothing for warmth, try it today. If you usually disparage omelets, give them another try. Shake up your expectations just a little to experience the spice of life.


The world slides into beautiful configurations today, so try to take in all the astounding features that will beg for your attention. Be inspired and excited, and thrust yourself into creativity.


Be playful with your art. Think of new ways to turn your creative impulses into something funny and quirky, like a child's perspective or faux distressed look. Get into caricature or other fun self-expression.


Keep your eyes and ears open today, because some fascinating new ideas are floating around. Grab on to an overheard conversation and evaluate the ideas, then ask someone else their thoughts.


Instead of advancing on a new set of projects, focus inward and write down your experiences and ideas. Creative writing will provide a lockbox of your ideas and give you the thrill of creation.


Brilliant and attractive. You're just like a glowing magnet, displaying your brains and good looks in a double whammy that will astound strangers. Enjoy your youthful glow, and dance all around today.


Give yourself a break by handing leadership of the group to someone else. You'll be more relaxed and useful from the sidelines right now, offering consultation and advice. Think of yourself as the boss that one day you will be.

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