Your Daily Singles Horoscope for October 01, 2022

Though the peace of single life can’t be beat, it’s always nice to have someone to curl up with at the end of the day. The path to your next cuddle buddy is only a click away with our singles horoscope.


Someone new in your life is piquing your curiosity but also trying your patience. Instead of playing into their hand, relax. Your unexpected calmness will create a mystery they'll be eager to solve.


Today may have begun just like any other day, but how it ends is totally up to you. Feeling empowered? You should be. Romantic opportunities are everywhere. An unexpected visitor might inspire a new health kick.


Focus on fun today. Your flirty, goofy side will attract the people who think like you and could plant a promising seed. Your intellectual side will take a back seat as you relive your childhood for a day.


Romance is a roller coaster, and right now you're on an especially twisty part of the track. Hang on tight. Your bumpy ride will soon be over, and you'll have smooth sailing once again.


You're feeling sexier than ever, and even your friends have been complimenting your new look. The right combination of friendship and love has got you feeling good. Let it show!

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If you're planning on showering them with gifts, slow down. Are they worth the investment? Would they prefer a sweet gesture versus a gaudy bauble? Consider the way you're selling yourself. Does it attract the right attention?


The celestial spotlight is shining brightly on you today, and the world takes notice of just how attractive you are. This wave of positive attention will be with you a couple more days, so settle in and enjoy!


A friend is impressed that you're choosing a solo lifestyle right now. They wish they had the strength to make that decision too. Share your experience. It will inspire them to choose happiness.


It's very likely that some of your friends are talking about you right now, sharing glowing remarks about how open-minded and generous you are. They're looking out for someone who deserves you.


Has work been taking over your life lately? Make it a point to schedule some social time right now! And make it exotic. Try a new sushi restaurant or stop by that new club.


Someone who feeds your intellect will sustain you longer than you could ever imagine. Think of who really challenges you and explore why they cause such a reaction. There is something good there.


Out with the old and in with the new! Today is a good day to clean out your romantic closet. Delete all your former lovers' emails, erase their phone number, and remind yourself you're better off.

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