Your Daily MomScope for May 20, 2022

·3 min read

It takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes we need a little extra guidance from the stars to manage motherhood. Momscope is here to help.


The pace of communications continues to speed up. Make sure you keep on top of the latest technology, even if you have to get your kiddo to show you how it all works. Today, especially, you're a quick learner!


Flattery won't get your little tyke anywhere today. All the smooth-talking in the world won't overrule your natural common sense. But if you look, you can find a way to indulge them with a little luxury and keep within budget.


Meetings, meetings -- and more meetings! Fortunately, you have energy to spare and take on all sorts of encounters, on the job and off. Keep a cool head if a parent-teacher face-off doesn't go as expected.


There are a lot of tasks that need doing today, so stay focused. Easier said than done, with all your tyke's 'urgent' demands. But you've got lots of energy and know how to weed through all their 'got-tos.'


Is your tyke feeling blue? Nothing will perk up a drooping kiddo like a good party. Break out the noisemakers and funny hats, and don't worry if there isn't a good reason to celebrate. Just have a good time together.

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Today has the potential to be either really good or really bad. If your little tyke wakes up all grumpy and grouchy, don't take it as a sign. It's up to you to steer their mood in a direction that will make it good for both of you.


What do you call a female magician? Trixie! Today, you are in search of more stimulating conversation. It helps to surround yourself with interesting folks who have a bigger repertoire than your little one. Try it today.


This would be a good time to remind your tyke about good and bad risk. Betting Grandma brought them a present? Good. Pulling the cat's tail and thinking you can get away without a scratch? Definitely bad!


Philosophy will come into play today, in a way that will surprise you. It has been said that 'I think, therefore I am.' In the case of your little one, the existential question is similar: 'I play, therefore I am.'


Teachers will play a key role in your life today, for both you and your little one. Listen up and you might both learn a good lesson today, either inside a classroom or outside it in an informal setting.


Your kiddo may bond with other children over a yogurt flavor or interest in big, bright blocks. But today, you need to do so through stimulating conversation. You both might wind up making life-long friends!


You may be feeling a little overwhelmed by work plus all the activities at day care or your Mommy and Me class. See if you can cancel or postpone at least one today. You'll feel much better for having some breathing room.

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