Your Daily MomScope for December 04, 2022

It takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes we need a little extra guidance from the stars to manage motherhood. Momscope is here to help.


You're in a playful mood, to the delight of your little one. You might just play horsy or some other game that has them giggling. By day's end you're more intent on tickling the fancy of your other half.


Try to keep clear of that power struggle at work today. There's the potential for a tussle over who gets a coveted position. Cooler heads will prevail, and you know just how to maintain such serenity.


It's the kind of day when you can meet people of like mind almost anywhere you go. Strike up a chat with another mom at the gas pump or playgroup and you just might make a new friend. Invite her over for greet tea and cake.


You may wish you weren't such a good friend today. You might be chained to the oven, cranking out brownies she promised the bake sale or doing some other favor. Just be glad you have friends who will return the favor.


Your little one has creativity to spare. Encourage them demonstrate it through art projects, or through song or dance. Of course, your own talents will inspire them, as long as you don't outshine their budding efforts.

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Today, like all days, it's good to have a plan -- as long as it's not too rigid. No matter how carefully you schedule things, your kiddo is sure to have other ideas that will mess it up. Go with the flow, and you'll both enjoy the day.


The details matter far less than you think today. Focus less on the small stuff and more on accomplishing your larger goals. You can also inspire a close mommy-friend to see a brighter big picture as well.


Your style is usually on the conservative side, but today you may dress a little flamboyantly. That's fine as long as you don't overdo it. Your little one will be much happier if you dress like the other moms.


Girls just want to have fun the song says -- and you agree today! Gather some pals for a long lunch or coffee break or other impromptu get-together. You have the best party ideas today, so they should follow your lead.


This is a good day to get a few things straight about money, especially if yours is not the only name on the account. Put pencil to paper and make some calculations, calling in someone older and wiser if necessary.


You may realize that your boss or someone else in charge has a different agenda today. Use your famous powers of aloofness to fend off any power struggles. Rise above it all, and you won't get caught in the middle.


You don't know whether to laugh or cry when the kiddo acts as if not getting that new doll or game is the end of the world. Of course it's not. Validate their feelings, but don't get carried away by all the drama.

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