Your Daily FinanceScope for August 13, 2022

·3 min read

The best things in life are free, but we could all use some extra cash. Let us lead you to the land of green with our daily finance horoscope!


With computers and cell phones, you're always waiting to learn of your imminent riches or instant demise. You need to stop living on pins and needles and start flirting with chance.


You need to count on your feelings when making decisions, but yours are as overwhelmed as your finances are. Don't make any decisions around money matters until you can keep your emotions from racing.


It probably won't help you figure out how to get out of hot water but you'll be meeting lots of people in your boat. That has some intrinsic value, even if you all end up taking a bath together.


Being overwhelmed has you hiding behind your armor. Or is it your shell? Whatever it is that you imagine is protecting you, it's time to come out and deal with reality.


You're in a deep hole. The last thing you need is a lecture, even if you're the one giving it to yourself. Don't waste too much time on regret. It's a new day, so spend it brainstorming until you come up with a shovel.

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Cold logic is just that, cold. But it's also -- well, logical. Just how you handle the two could make or break a long term relationship, your run of luck or the bank, so do your best.


You've been experiencing a lot of new things lately, and it seems that they're filtering down to your inner most self. They're not. You came into the world with nothing and that's how you'll leave. Everything in between is pure distraction.


Gambling with other people's money just wouldn't be as much fun. The temptation is there, but who would own the pay off? If you want more than a cut, be brave.


Keep busy, even if you don't see any monetary returns. The last thing you want to do is let boredom open the back door. That's when stress walks right in and takes over your life.


Yes, the market can be fickle, but you've been in the doghouse for a long time now. Even so, being just as flighty is like fighting fire with fire. Hang in there.


Checking your bank balance isn't the sizzling affair it once was. It's more slow, steady and dependable, much like a marriage. Don't bother trying to re-spark the romance any time soon.


You're getting tired of feeling overwhelmed. But just when you decide to get back on the horse, clarity dissolves. That's okay for now, because you'd just be riding in circles anyway.

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