Your Daily DogScope for July 04, 2022

·3 min read

Life is ruff when you’re four-legged and furry with a completely clueless human. Fortunately, our daily Dogscope can brighten those boneless days with a little encouragement and a helping paw.


You're getting sick of the whole obedience thing. Sit and speak just seem obsolete. That's one way of looking at it, but don't be surprised if your owner sees it in a completely different way. It might be time to teach your old human a new trick.


Ah, there's nothing like letting your feelings be known. But what if you're not sure of your feelings yourself? Don't let that stop you from barking. Communication is grand, even if you don't know what it is you're communicating.


You've just about had it. All the nipping and yapping would fray anyone's nerves. It might be time to give yourself some space, so leave the dog house any way you can.


Ah, security. You've made the dog house your own, and now nothing and no one can get into your fortress without your okay. No exceptions. Unless it's your favorite human, it goes without saying.


Don't let another dog get the best of you. Fighting is inconsistent with your general strategy. Resist all attempts. Ignore growls, raised fur and even a nip or two if that's what it takes to maintain goodwill.

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There are some difficulties in your schedule. Your owner wants to socialize, and so do you. You don't mind spending time with people, but you prefer dogs. Make your break when you human is engrossed in conversation.


An economical use of time is mandatory today, at least when sniffing noses are concerned. You have more important things to do, so make sure you take care of business first.


It could be a good day to get what you want, but only if you use your noggin. Your intuitive powers just won't do the trick, so you'll have to do your sleuthing the old-fashioned way, with eyes, nose, ears and what's in between.


Don't waste your time philosophizing. You'll have plenty of time for that when you're an elderly dog. For today, learn new tricks, forge ahead with your packmates, and chase whatever runs away from you.


It's not a smooth ride, that's for sure. You'll have extremes in energy today. One moment you'll be cowering under the sofa, and the next you'll be too tired to care. That's okay; you never said you were a watchdog.


Try as you might, you'll never walk your preferred path. It's more complicated than leash and collar today; it has to do with your human's calendar, and it's almost impossible to overcome those details.


No pouting about being left at home at night. Watching your human try for romance is nothing if not entertaining. You can observe the whole dance, and you get the royal treatment by all potential dates.

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