Your Daily DogScope for August 20, 2022

·3 min read

Life is ruff when you’re four-legged and furry with a completely clueless human. Fortunately, our daily Dogscope can brighten those boneless days with a little encouragement and a helping paw.


Energy levels are low in the doghouse. It takes a lot of effort to generate some excitement. Your owner might do just that with a bit of cooking daring. Be prepared for interesting table scraps.


Who is your human to judge your attachments? So what if your favorite toys are rags? Sad to say, humans are in control of all material goods in the house, so keep a close eye on your things.


It's not a good day for mouthing off. Other dogs will be taking you seriously, so don't be all bark and no bite. Bite your tongue if you want to avoid a melee.


Your owners eat meat while you eat dry food: It's a big bone of contention. It's hard to watch them eat and not feel you deserve the same menu. Of course you deserve it, and you shouldn't have to beg for it, either.


How can you get to your rightful place on the throne? You have a way to go yet, but a bit of confidence would go a long way toward getting you there. Perfect what you're already good at, even if it's fetch.

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You have a certain code of conduct that you think all dogs should follow. Don't be too rigid, or you won't have any packmates at the end of the day. Settle for dogs who follow the basics.


Your group leader suddenly stepped down. They were more like a den mother than an alpha anyway. Don't be surprised when other dogs look to you to assume some leadership.


Everyone in the doghouse is stressed. Money isn't tight, but time is. It's a good idea not to ask for a longer walk today, and settle for time at your human's feet while they burn the midnight oil.


Your owner was going somewhere unimaginable. Overseas -- what's a sea? In any event, you're in luck, because all travel plans have been cancelled, at least for the moment.


It's not an easy day for your owner. They've having all kinds of business problems. You know just the right way to take their minds off them, so drag the leash, no matter the hour.


You're very methodical when carrying out experiments, but what will you do with the results? You've made it to the bottom of the trash can, and into the deepest part of the closet. What next?


How is a daydreamer like you to keep your mind from wandering? You've got to come up with an answer, because today you won't just feel like a guard dog, you'll be called on to be one.

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