Your Daily CatScope for December 07, 2022

While Whiskers may not be able to communicate his needs purrfectly, today’s planets certainly can. With only your sun sign, you can use Catscope to translate the feelings of your feline friend.


You might feel a little embarrassed about your reaction to something, but don't suppress it! Your honest emotions might be a signal to sensitive humans that something small needs to change to make everyone happy.


If you get bored today -- and cats often do -- you might want to push the envelope and see if you can make a new friend out of someone whom you'd never think would want to hang out with you.


Try not to make a big deal out of all the important kitty stuff you've got going on today -- it's going to get weird if you seem too rigid. The humans might be watching you to see if you need to visit the V-E-T!


Even if you're usually pretty timid, today is a good time for you to speak for yourself. Sure, the humans don't speak your language, but still, it feels good to stretch those vocal cords!


You've got to listen to your heart today, because it's got a lot more to say than you realize. It's such a good guide that you might find yourself drawn to someone you usually don't hang out with.

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Your social energy is still quite strong and you may feel the urge to play with critter you'd ordinarily run away from quickly. That dog isn't so bad once you get to know him, really!


You can adapt to almost anything and today brings the opportunity to show the humans in your life that you've got what it takes to keep up with them. Your flexibility is a definite asset!


You may be getting sick of the same diet day in and day out, so see if you can sneak a bit of a snack away from the humans when they aren't looking. It won't kill you -- and you might decide you love it!


Your socializing is fun and friendly today and you might decide to show the humans just how great things can be with you around. Play, purr, cuddle and just roll around with your favorite people.


You've got to move around more, if possible -- it may feel as if you're never quite where you want to be. That kind of restlessness is natural for your species, but today it feels really strong.


Today is perfect for coming up with ideas for new things to do -- you're a dreamer, but you can bring some of those dreams to life today. Your kitty friends are amazed by what you come up with!


Your dreams are even more interesting and compelling than usual, so it's a good time to curl up and sleep the day away. If someone keeps getting you up, you may as well engage with them in real life, though.

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