These College Students Totally Transformed Their Dorm Rooms And It's Honestly Impressive

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It's never too late to do a little dorm room redecoration β€” and these college students understood the assignment!

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Check out how these dorms went from drab to fab...

1. Making your dorm bed look like something out of Restoration Hardware is a major accomplishment.

2. Anastasia set the mood in her space with LED strip lights.

3. This dorm is perfect for any fans of boho decor.

4. This transformation was seriously impressive.

5. Adding a carpet and curtains made all the difference in this dorm!

6. These roomies made their dorm look like a glam boutique.

7. This dorm room straight up looks like an apartment that's wayyy off campus.


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8. Madison has totally nailed the dorm room gallery wall.


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9. This cozy nook looks a lot more comfy than your average dorm bed.

10. This cute dorm comes with an added bonus β€” season football tickets courtesy of the view out the window!

11. This room is so cute and cozy!

12. These roomies added a chic accent wall with some peel and stick wallpaper!

13. The way that couch fits so perfectly is impressive.

14. On top of being super cute, this room also has a whole vanity for getting ready!

15. Vivien totally transformed her room β€” with a little help from her bro!

16. The matching comforters and blankets here really bring everything together.

17. This isn't a dorm, it's the plant section at your local nursery.

18. The floral wall definitely makes this dorm room stand out.

19. No roommate? Instant queen bed!

20. And this is definitely how my room would look if I was still in college.


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