Co-parenting during the holidays: How to keep things fair and peaceful for the sake of you

for many of us, the holidays can usher in not so merry feelings — especially when we're forced to deal with exes. So how do we keep things magical and jolly for our little ones while also planning how to split their time between houses?. Communication, compromise, and planning are key to keeping the peace — both for parents and their children. The 24th, the 25th, the 31st... These are all just numbers. Don't be afraid to go rogue and celebrate the holidays whenever it works for you and your ex. Communicate clearly with your ex, and plan out all the little details. Once you've agreed on these plans, stick to them, and communicate them to your child. For the sake of your kids — and your own well-being — sidestep those emotional landmines as best as you can by taking the high road. If communicating with your ex gets too tricky, don't be afraid to try new tools or seek professional help. When your kids get home from celebrating the holidays with your ex, avoid drilling them for intel. Remember that they aren't spies or middlemen

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