Cat's Pure Adoration of Strawberries Is Enough to Make Anyone Melt

Oh this is just too cute!

Animals are so funny! You never know what they are going to fixate on and decide they love. Just take this funny cat owned by TikTok account holder @3Littlebois and what he loves cuddling with. You would think his chosen, um, cuddle partner is probably cold and feels a little less-than-cozy, but cats love what they love. 

Just watch the following video to see what we mean! 

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So funny, right? What a precious little weirdo! TikTok users are totally charmed by this cat with @Pixelhell commenting, "Oh to be a strawberry being cuddled by Sunny!" Awww, @Danki has such a sweet comment with, "This really cheered me up." @Vince has an interesting theory and adds, "I think it's because it feels like a cats tongue so it reminds him of his mum and that's made me so much happier." That makes sense to us! 

The best part about all this is that if Sunny decides to um, take a bite out of his favorite cuddle toy, strawberries are totally safe for cats to eat. But we have a feeling he just loves rubbing his sweet little face against them! 

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