Camila Mendes Will Convince You to Pick Up Gratitude Journaling

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If you have yet to try gratitude journaling, Camila Mendes might just be all the convincing you need. The actress recently took to Instagram to rave about her experience starting a journal practice and how it actually shifted her entire outlook on life and helped alleviate stress and anxiety. (Related: How Camila Mendes Stopped Fearing Carbs and Broke Her Dieting Addiction)

Mendes received the journal from her Riverdale costar Madelaine Petsch—who also suffers from anxiety and uses self-care and journaling as a way to combat it. The gift came at a time when she was feeling stressed, anxious, and "all over the place," she wrote on Instagram. But when she started putting pen to paper, she was able to shift her focus.

She realized she tends to focus on the overwhelming aspects of daily life, rather than the blessings and how much she has already accomplished, she explained. "There is so much to be grateful for that we should be acknowledging on a daily basis," she wrote in her caption. "This career comes with a lot of pressure and stress, but 'dedicated my entire life thus far to achieving this goal and I will never take my dream-turned-reality for granted. Many more goals to be achieved, but I will never let my ambition interfere with my gratitude." (Related: Why I Read This Self-Care Book Every Single Morning for a Full Year)

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The journal Mendes shared is called

The Five-Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day

, an option for people who prefer prompts to free writing. Each page, designed to take five minutes to complete, has an inspirational quote, three morning prompts (" am grateful for," "What would make today great," and "Daily affirmations", and two nighttime prompts ("3 amazing things that happened today," and "How could I have made today better?"). Mendes isn't the only celeb who's been loving The Five-Minute Journal; Olivia Holt commented on her post, writing "this journal has helped me through so much." (Related: Why Journaling Is the Morning Ritual I Could Never Give Up)

Even five minutes can feel like a lot on a busy day, but some research suggests Mendes' new ritual is worth the effort. Studies have linked gratitude journaling with increased happiness and subjective well-being and lowered stress. If you're down to try it,

shop Mendes' pick on Amazon

, or browse these 10 gratitude journals that'll help you appreciate the little things.