Brooklynites Amanda and Josh are on the hunt for their first apartment together

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On this episode of In The Know: Find My Dream Room, host Will Taylor (@brightbazaar) helps Brooklyn couple Amanda and Josh find their first apartment together. Amanda and Josh are seeking a one bedroom or studio unit with enough space for both of them to work from home, central AC, a dishwasher, and ideally some outdoor space. Working with a budget of $2,800 a month, can Will help the happy couple find the Brooklyn apartment of their dreams? Time to find out!

First up is the “Modern High Rise”, a studio unit with a monthly rent of $2,800. Amanda loves how bright the apartment feels, and the couple both like the shape and roominess of the space, which includes two large closets. The open kitchen has modern appliances, including a dishwasher, and the bathroom has plenty of storage. Saving the best for last, Will takes the couple out to the unit’s private balcony, which Amanda feels would be perfect for doing yoga or sipping her morning coffee.

Next on Will’s list is the “Bright Bedroom”, a one-bedroom apartment renting slightly over-budget at $3,000 a month. The apartment has central air conditioning and a dishwasher, covering two of the couple’s main needs. The kitchen and bathroom are both spacious with modern designs, but, as per the unit’s nickname, the main draw of the apartment is the bedroom, which features a massive floor-to-ceiling window that emits tons of natural light.

Will’s final apartment for the day is the “Spacious Studio”, renting under-budget at $2,650 a month. The unit has high ceilings, including a skylight that Josh happily noticed upon entering the room. The large apartment is cleverly designed to maximize space, and it even has an in-unit washer and dryer, which helps compensate for the smaller kitchen and lack of dishwasher.

Five weeks later, Josh and Amanda reveal that they went with the “Modern High Rise”! The couple is loving their private balcony and are making the most of the unit’s open space. The couple is thankful for Will’s help, and are looking forward to living in their first shared home!

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