Brooklynite Niusha is searching for the perfect 1-bedroom apartment

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On this episode of In The Know: Find My Dream Room, host Will Taylor (@brightbazaar) helps Brooklynite Niusha find a one-bedroom apartment with enough space to pursue her art and creative projects. With a budget of $2,000 a month and a moving radius of the entire Brooklyn borough, Niusha wants a spacious abode with a separate kitchen and living space, big enough for a dance party and a pole for her performance art. Can Will’s mastery of New York’s real estate market help Niusha find her creative haven? Let’s find out!

Apartment number one, described as “The Renewed Brownstone,” is a modern one-bedroom unit priced at $2,000 a month. Overall, Niusha loves the apartment’s amenities, including a large, natural, light-filled kitchen with a dishwasher, a bright, modern bathroom, and an expansive living room big enough to fit a pole. Two windows and a large closet in the bedroom also catch Niusha’s attention, establishing this rental unit as a promising option.

Moving on, Will shows Niusha “The Quiet Den,” a one-bedroom apartment renting at $1,500 a month. While the unit does feature a separate kitchen, the only living space is located in the corner of the room and is not ideal for accommodating a pole. However, at $500 under budget, the rental price makes the unit an appealing choice. Despite the limited living room space, Niusha loves the bathroom layout, especially the bathtub, another “New York rarity.” The bedroom is slightly smaller compared to apartment number one, but Niusha appreciates the cozy room’s natural light and ample airflow.

The final stop is an eclectic one-bedroom abode dubbed “The Art Deco,” priced at $1,800 per month. Immediately, Niusha takes note of the large kitchen with plenty of surface space. Even though the living room and bedroom are filled with natural light, they might be too small to fit Niusha’s pole. Plus, without a closet, the bedroom’s layout isn’t ideal for Niusha. While the apartment doesn’t include every amenity on Niusha’s list, it’s still under budget, making it an attractive contender.

One month later, Niusha shares that, while she enjoyed touring the three apartments with Will, she ultimately decided to move in with friends in Brooklyn. However, Niusha said that when she’s ready to move into her own apartment, she plans to hit Will up for another round to find her dream room.

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