Anuel AA Defends Love for Fiancée Yailín La Más Viral With This Powerful Statement

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Anuel AA Defends Love for Fiancée Yailín La Más Viral With This Powerful Statement

Anuel AA has come out in defense of his fiancée Yailín once again.

The Leyendas Nunca Mueren star has kept a low profile since the news that he is expecting a daughter with a woman from Texas came to light in early May on El Gordo y La Flaca.

However, he has emerged from his self-imposed isolation to shut down comments from haters of his relationship with the 19-year-old rapper with a potent message he shared on Instagram.

"Remember that the most fruitful tree is the one who has more rocks thrown at it," he captioned the post, where the couple can be seen kissing while Yailín holds up her phone. "[Yailín la Más Viral] I LOVE YOU 😘😘😘😘."

In another photo, the Puerto Rican artist is smoking while his beloved is smiling down at her phone. He also shared news of his two upcoming songs that will be released while he is on tour.

Some fans took to the comments section to express their support, while others continued to disregard his message and compare his future wife to his former fiancée Karol G.

"I see you're very happy, my brother  🙌🖤," one person wrote in support. "They came to protect you from the BE BE BESI BEBESITAAAAAA 🤣," added another.


Previously, Anuel AA warned his followers that he takes insults against the Dominican rapper seriously and there will be serious consequences for those who continue.

"I have anger management problems, I need classes. Stop talking about Yailín, it's bringing serious consequences in real life," he said on social media. "When have you seen that they've affected someone who is with me? When have you seen that someone that's with me has been disrespected? Never, no one is going to touch Yailín," he assured.