93-Year-Old Texan Finally Gets High School Diploma

Melissa Locker
·2 min read

Pat Moore always meant to graduate from high school. He was enrolled in Alvin High School in Alvin, Texas, and was on track to graduate with the Class of 1946. Life, though, had other plans. Now, 75 years later the 93-year-old finally got his diploma.

Moore was a letterman jacket wearing senior who flew planes for fun in his spare time, when his plans for graduation were derailed by good old Uncle Sam. Just one semester short of graduation, Moore was drafted into what would become the U.S. Air Force, Texas news outlet KHOU reports.

When he was done with his military service, Moore moved back to Alvin and eventually relocated to Sealy, Texas, where he's lived for about 50 years. His military service and flying experience helped him build a successful career as a crop-duster pilot.

While he had a family and a good job, the fact that he never earned his high school diploma hung over him. The veteran even went so far as to write the Alvin Independent School District to ask them about getting his diploma so many years later.

Texas law is pretty forgiving for students who were drafted before graduation, KHOU reports. Turns out that Moore was welcome to come and get his diploma.

This week, at 93-years-old, Moore went back to high school and this time, he graduated. Not only did he receive his diploma, but the school got him a new letterman jacket, too. While he had to wait 75 years for the piece of paper, the timing was perfect for Moore, because one of his great-granddaughters is graduating this year, too.

"I guess I've waited 75 years for this," Moore told KHOU. Congratulations Mr. Moore. And we thank you profoundly for your service.