9 Gifts for Garden Lovers Who Made the Nice List This Year—All Under $50

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Most gardeners spend the winter eagerly awaiting the return of warm weather when they can get back outside, digging in the dirt and growing things. The colder, darker months are perfect for sitting by the fire while flipping through garden catalogs, daydreaming of next year's sun-ripened tomatoes and colorful flowers. Brighten the holidays for the gardeners in your life (yourself included!) by giving them the perfect garden gift. The best gifts for gardeners range from pretty to practical, and sometimes a combination of both qualities. Consider items that can be used every day to tend plants or botanically inspired decorations for indoors or out.

Shop this list of specialty tools, decor, plus a few other handy or pretty things that will remind the recipient of their beloved garden while they're waiting on spring.

Best Jewelry Gardening Gift: Monstera Leaf Ring

Houseplant lovers prize monstera for its dramatic, sculptural leaves and the fact that it's the epitome of an over-the-top, lush tropical plant. This handmade ring features a trendy monstera leaf shape made of cold porcelain mounted on a nickel-free metal band. The glossy green finish makes it look almost like a living leaf.

Best Indoor Gardening Gift: Hamama Smoothie Grow Kit

Give your plant-loving pal an easy indoor garden with this microgreen grow kit. Microgreens are the nutrient-dense seedlings of leafy veggies and herbs. Add them to a smoothie and you get a super healthy beverage. The kit comes with seeds for wheatgrass, cabbage, and kale in ready-to-use "seed quilts". Just place these sheets of compostable fabric into the tray, add water, and in about 10 days, you'll have fresh microgreens.

Best Multi-Purpose Gardening Gift: Barebones Hori Hori Garden Tool

Hori horis are the Swiss army knife of garden tools. These handy dandy gadgets cut, dig, saw, till, weed, and measure, doing the work of a slew of gardening hand tools. Hori horis originated in Japan and its name is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of digging in the dirt. It has a pointed blade with one serrated edge and one straight edge. A hori hori will make any gardener happy happy.

Best Eco-Friendly Gardening Gift: Behrens Compost Can

When you have a compost pile outside, it's super handy to have a convenient container to keep food scraps inside until you can tote them out. This steel compost pail provides a stylish place to temporarily stash those potato peels and eggshells. Best of all, it comes with two charcoal filters in the lid that will trap odors. Its classic style will fit most kitchen decor styles.

Best Outdoor Gardening Gift: Fiskars Pruning Shears

Pruners are the quintessential garden hand tool. Just as cooks need a range of knives for cutting different foods, gardeners need various pruning shears for cutting different sizes of branches and stems. This steel bypass pruning shear by Fiskars delivers a lot of quality at an economical price. It has a cutting capacity of 5/8-inch in diameter so it's perfect for harvesting tomatoes, cutting flowers, or deadheading faded blooms.

Best Gardening Gift for Houseplants: Brass Watering Can

Make watering houseplants easier with this retro watering can that looks like an antique from grandma's house. It holds a liter of water and is small enough to reach beneath the leaves and put water directly on the soil, so there's no splashy mess. It's made of solid brass because life's too short for homely plastic watering cans.

Best Indoor Decor Gardening Gift: Wellies Christmas Ornament

Gardeners may have put away their muck boots for the season, but they'll appreciate this reminder of their favorite footwear during the holidays. The adorable 4-inch-tall Wellington boots Christmas ornament is made of glass and sprinkled with glitter. Who could resist tiny, sparkly, green garden boots?

Best Outdoor Decor Gardening Gift: Sade Kinetic Rotator

Spinners, statues, and wind chimes help embellish the natural landscape. This laser-cut, hanging garden rotator, made of lightweight, electroplated steel, spins when the wind blows, creating a psychedelic effect. It will look wonderful spinning over a bed of summer flowers, and it'll add a dash of color to the winter landscape.

Best Organizing Gardening Gift: Canvas Garden Utility Bag

Give the gift of organization with this canvas bag that keeps a gardener's hand tools in one convenient place. The sturdy bag has lots of pockets and compartments, so your gardener friend has room for their trowel, dibble, pruner, plant food, and cultivator. They can carry it out to the garden and have their tools close at hand. They can also overwinter their tools in the bag.

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