9 Best Sleepy Teas for Your Best Night of Sleep Ever

These herbal blends do the trick.

A good night’s sleep seems to be a precious—and often elusive—commodity these days. Many of us are stressed, way too busy and trying to juggle a variety of demanding roles without reserving sufficient downtime to recharge. That means it’s often difficult for our minds and bodies to fully relax enough for us to get quality rest after a long day.

Practicing a nighttime relaxation routine can help you alleviate the tension and stress that can keep you from enjoying a restful sleep. A carefully selected herbal tea can be a useful part of that routine. There’s an entire category of “sleepy” teas designed specifically for relaxation and promoting deep sleep. Find one that works well for you and enjoy some well-deserved slumber.

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9 Best Sleepy Teas Before Bed

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Herbal Tea

Billed as “the original bedtime tea,” this package featuring the iconic bear in a nightshirt is probably the one people most commonly think of when picturing “sleepy” tea. Having been around for more than 40 years, this is definitely one of the legacy brands in this category and is now available in a range of varieties including decaf options and an immune boost blend. Also try the brand’s Sleepytime Extra variety, which contains valerian root. Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Herbal Tea, 20 Count (Pack. of2), $10 on Amazon

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Traditional Medicinals Organic Nighty Night Extra

One of the best-selling brands in its category on Amazon, this tea from Traditional Medicinals is made from a combination of natural, organic ingredients including passionflower, valerian root, and peppermint. It’s caffeine-free and has a brisk, minty taste. Some users commented on the smell, which most likely stems from the valerian root, but that disappears once the tea is brewed and is a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep. Traditional Medicinals Organic Night Night Valerian Relaxation Tea, 16 Count, $4.73 on Amazon

Twinings Superblends Sleep +

This tea combines the sweet, relaxing flavors of vanilla and cinnamon—a soothing mix that definitely gets things off to a good start—and then adds the power of melatonin, which is known for its sleep-promoting abilities. Reviewers praise the great taste and say it helps them drift off to sleep within minutes. Twinings Superblends Sleep + Melatonin, 16 Count (Pack of 6), $22.74 on Amazon

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Pukka Herbs Night Time Tea  

This organic herbal tea from Pukka contains a blend of natural components like lavender, chamomile and valerian root. The company carefully sources high-quality ingredients to ensure the best taste. You’ll also appreciate the earth-friendly compostable tea bags. Pukka Herbs Night Time Tea, 60 Count, $14.22 on Amazon

Hey Girl Sleep Tea 

This sleep-promoting tea from Hey Girl is made from a blend of natural ingredients including lemon balm and passionflower which are known for their calming properties. It has a refreshing, citrusy taste the company calls “Tangerine Dream.” Hey Girl Sleep Tea, $17.99 (18 Count) on Amazon

Leaves of Leisure Bath Time Tea 

Leaves of Leisure is a female-founded herbal tea brand that promotes ethically sourced materials. Like all of their products, this Bath Time tea draws upon the comforting, relaxing power of nostalgic memories combined with pleasing flavors and scents. It’s great to incorporate into your before-bed routine because its ingredients can help reduce stress and soothe aching muscles. Levels of Leisure Bath Time Tea, $15 (15 Count) at Leaves of Leisure

VAHDAM India Classic Chamomile Herbal Tea

VAHDAM India has lots of VIP fans. Their teas earned a spot on Oprah’s coveted “favorite things” list two years in a row, and it’s not hard to figure out why. The brand prioritizes sustainable wellness and sources ingredients from farmers at some of India’s most well-known tea gardens. Their Classic Chamomile Herbal Tea gets its sleep-promoting power from pure chamomile flowers. VAHDAM India Classic Chamomile Herbal Tea, $20.89 (100 Count) on Amazon

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Walton Wood Farm Peppermint Tea

This tea from Walton Wood Farm has a simple ingredient list—it’s just peppermint leaves. But that’s all you need because peppermint is well-known for its ability to relieve stress and relax the body. Plus, the scent triggers visions of relaxing nights by the fire—and the company notes that this tea “pairs well with reading socks, cookies, and a comfy throw.” Sounds like the perfect way to unwind! Walton Wood Farm Peppermint Tea (8 Count), $6.50 at Walton Wood Farms

Steep Echo Repose Tea 

This Repose tea from Steep Echo is made from a carefully blended mix of natural ingredients designed to help you relax and enjoy some peaceful rest. The core of the recipe is organic, hand-harvested olive leaves, which are combined with chamomile, rose, and other herbs. Steep Echo Repose Tea, $11.25 (12 Count) at Steep Echo

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