6 Keto Taco Bell Menu Hacks that Won’t Mess Up Your Diet

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At first, going keto sounded like a dream come true. All the cheese, bacon and guac we want? Sign us up. But then we realized we were banned from eating carbs (wait, seriously?) and thought this also meant giving up those late-night (or, cough, midday) stops at the world’s most wonderful fast-food spot: Taco Bell.

The list of things you can’t have while following the keto diet is long, and it might seem like eating at Taco Bell would now be impossible (bye-bye, taco shells, burritos, rice, beans, potatoes and even some hot sauces). But what if we told you that you can stick to your diet and indulge in the Bell? You can, with these six keto Taco Bell menu hacks.

1. Beefy 5-Layer Burrito (6g Carbs)

Ditch the tortilla and the beans, make it a bowl instead and bam: keto-approved. You still get to enjoy the beef filling along with all of its accoutrements—nacho cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and jalapeños.

2. Mini Skillet Bowl (4g Carbs)

Maybe you love Taco Bell so much that you want it for breakfast. You do you ... but ask them to swap out the potatoes in this bowl and replace it with steak.

3. Shredded Chicken Burrito (7g Carbs)

To make this keto, you need to ditch the tortilla and seasoned rice ... and it’s literally just chicken and cheese. But hear us out: Ask them to toss what remains into a bowl and fill it (and yourself) up with lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños, onions and guac.

4. Fiesta Taco Salad (12g Carbs)

Trade the taco shell for a bowl, but don’t forget about the little strips of tortilla in the salad. And sadly, the rice and beans have to go too. But the beauty of keto is that you can add in all the veggies Taco Bell has on its menu, plus cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream.

5. Power Menu Bowl (7g carbs)

This bowl is loaded with more than enough food to keep you full—chicken, cheese, lettuce, pico and guac—even after you pass on the seasoned rice and beans. Double the meat or add in some more lettuce and guac. Or, better yet, all of the above.

6. Grande Scrambler Burrito (7g Carbs)

Heading back to the Bell for breakfast is a breeze when you’re eating keto. Nix the potatoes, opt for a bowl instead of the burrito and bask in the bacon-y, eggy, cheesy goodness.

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