19 People Who Really Freakin' Pissed Me Off This Week

·3 min read

1. The coworker that had to have every single donut:

2. The most wasteful roommate in the world:

3. This gas guzzler:

4. The worst group project partner imaginable:

5. The person who used this car as their own personal garbage dump:

6. The person who thinks they're king of Black Friday:

7. The people who just left their trash in the movie theatre aisle instead of walking like 15 feet to dispose of it:

8. The people who had a gender reveal party full of litter:

9. The people who put their cigarette butts in this poor l'il tree:

10. The coworker who ruined this celebration:

11. The person who put their stanky mask in the bus air vent:

12. The person who put their stanky feet all over the seat in front of them:

13. The roommate that spilled this and just went on business as usual:

14. The customer who left the world's worst tip:

15. The person who got a little stanky and felt the need to pass it on:

16. The roommate that let their chicken juice spill and freeze all over ice:

17. The person who had no regard for this antique record player:

18. The person who used this truck as their personal trash can:

19. And Jeff:

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